Low To Medium Intensity Fitness: Lose Weight and Enjoy It

Can a book costing like a cup of coffee change your life?

Yes, it can. Depends on the book.

This Weight Loss Book will teach you the art of losing weight easily, via exercise, while staying IN YOUR COMFORT ZONE.

Yeah, you hear me right. In this book, I will share the secret of losing weight and burning fat via low to medium intensity exercise that won’t request much effort, and even much money, but will bring you huge results.

Moreover, you will find out how to make exercise your IRRESISTIBLE habit, and how to become doomed for success in your weight loss journey.

Meanwhile, you can start reading the book here:

This book was written and released with a simple purpose – in the hope of reaching you before you make all those silly mistakes we all make, waste tons of money and time, and eventually just write yourself off in despair.

Losing weight is possible.
Losing weight EASY WAY is possible.
Losing weight EASY WAY without wasting tons of money is POSSIBLE.

I wish somebody told me that when I was 15, and gave me a book like this.

With this Weight Loss Book, you DON’T need to:

  • workout till you fall
  • hire a coach
  • workout in gym
  • harm yourself doing all those hard and complicated exercises
  • buy any additional products – all you need is this book and YOUR WATCH
  • constantly feel tired
  • constantly looking for motivation and support

This is a special book that will not simply show you a bunch of exercises, and talk a bit about how your body works. Successful workout for far burning needs a way deeper approach than this.

The main idea is to make you lose weight as fast and efficient as it is possible, and improve your shape and wellbeing, while keeping you inside the comfort zone. 

Low to medium intensity fitness will make you lose weight while staying within the comfort zone. 

Moreover, you are not allowed to leave the comfort zone, more often than not. 

Moreover moreover, it is your direct task to provide yourself as much comfort during the exercise as possible. 

In the low to medium intensity training scheme, there are still several rules to follow, and yeah, you WILL have to move your ass in order to lose weight. 

But as long as you follow those few rules, you can be as lazy as possible, never push for more, never strain yourself, and lose weight effectively doing just the necessary minimum.

This is what you get and learn from the Weight Loss Book:

  • why so many people fail to lose weight, or fail to keep the results for any considerable time
  • why weight loss is not harder than driving a car – all you need is the correct instruction
  • why it is better to start with fitness than diet when you want to lose weight, despite the fact that diet is a more powerful tool
  • what workout myths prevent you from losing weight
  • what types of workout are good for burning fats, and what are not
  • what mistake do 85 percent of people make
  • physical and emotional harms of heavy workouts
  • benefits of low to medium intensity workouts
  • how to lose weight totally staying within your comfort zone, and why this is the best approach
  • 7,5 the most crucial fitness rules for fat burning
  • table with markers of fitness intensity
  • how to develop a positive habit to exercise without forcing self
  • possible pitfalls on your way
  • how to take care of sore muscles after workout
  • how to support the shape
  • several options for workout schedule
  • criteria for fitness intensity control table

I believe I have done a very decent job explaining every crucial aspect of far burning fitness, and revealing why exactly some things work, and some things don’t. With this book, you will learn how to eventually achieve your desired goals, in a comparatively easy manner.

Doing the job the easy way is not cheating. 

Doing the job the easy way is smart. 


Who should read the Weight Loss Book:

  • those who does not know where to start
  • those who managed to lose weight, but it keeps coming back
  • those who had tried lots of approaches, but nothing really worked for them
  • those who hates to workout
  • those who does not want to gain muscle mass while burning fat
  • those who wants to add efficiency to their weight loss diet

Moreover, I believe that anybody who would like to improve their shapes, or their health, via reasonable and doable fitness will benefit from reading this book. If you follow all instructions carefully, you will see results and improvement already in two weeks.


My name is Ivanka, I am professional bellydancer, hiker, snowboarder, kickboxer and athlete, and I am a weight management expert. Years ago, I have developed an efficient weight loss system that includes both diet and exercise, for my own goal of losing weight. Since then, I have successfully lost over 10 kgs, and achieved stunning shape that I manage to keep almost without efforts.

In this Weight Loss Book on low to medium intensity fitness, I share my weight loss approach to workout. If you would like to develop a positive habit to exercising, lose weight, burn fat, improve your shapes, and keep the result for years, this book is for you!



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Buying from Kindle is super easy – you just go the Books page, press ‘Buy in one click’, indicate your card number, and voila, the book is delivered to you immediately. Now, you can read it in perfect quality anywhere, and any time.

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