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Bella Hadid’s beauty routines she has ever shared or commented on.


Full name: Isabella Khair Hadid

Birthday: October 9, 1996 (Libra) 

Occupation: Model 

Parents: Mohamed Hadid, Yolanda Hadid

Siblings: Gigi Hadid (sister), Anwar Hadid (brother)

Children: no 

Height: 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in) 

Weight: 55 kgs / 121 lbs  

Bella’s Instagram 

Bella Hadid is one of the most influential top models in the world currently, and one of the most adored ones. Bella is loved not only because of her outstanding beauty and because of obvious professional skills, but also due to her outgoing personality. 

Bella Hadid quote:

I definitely have my Palestinian gene. I love to play host

Beauty Type 

Bella Hadid is insanely beautiful, however, we can mock some of her makeup and style techniques if we analyze her beauty type closely. If your type is same, or close to Bella’s, her style and makeup choices can be an option for you, as well. 

Face Type – long, so-called “hatchet face”. Snub nosed. Almond-shaped eyes. Thin eyebrows. 

Color Type – considering that Bella feels fine being either brunette or blonde, she is a typical Summer color type 

Bella Hadid quote on hair color:

Blondes are so angelic. My sister can get away with anything!

Body TypeHourglass. In teenage years, Bella was very concerned about that round shape of her hips that is now her outstanding feature; she believed her older sister Gigi had a slimmer and more athletic body.  

Bella Hadid quote on body shape:

I definitely gain weight, and I’m not naturally thin

Gene Lottery 

To be honest, apart from being born to a wealthy family, Bella was not so lucky with the gene lottery, compared to her sister Gigi. While Gigi obviously looks very much like their famous mother, Yolanda, Isabella is more like their father. Initially, she inherited the long nose, thin lips, and somewhat downturned eye shape. 

It is widely believed that most of Bella Hadid beauty is due to plastic surgery she assumably underwent between 2011 and 2013; if one checks photos featuring younger Bella (which are few and hard to find), it becomes obvious her nose and lips have changed considerably, and later her brows and cheeks. 

Initially, she inherited the long nose, thin lips, and somewhat downturned eye shape

Bella always denies she has undergone any surgery whatsoever, despite the fact that many comment on the startling difference between her adolescence pics taken before she became a famous model. Yet, we have no idea why she does that. Having surgery one wants to have, and can afford, in nothing wrong.

If most people who are unhappy about their faces were sure they will get a result as proper, they would opt for surgery as well. Bella Hadid could afford a talented surgeon who made sure her face stayed in place; many are afraid of plastic surgery because it can make things even worse if something goes wrong. 

The issue about Bella’s suggested face surgery is discussed so passionately, because cases like hers are claimed as kind of fraud. People see Bella’s beautiful appearance and want to be like her; they are inspired by her and want to follow her; this includes brands and products she advertises as a model. However, if her very face is “fake” (that is, not a natural phenomenon), people are following an initially “untrue” role model. 

Another aspect is that Bella’s face surgery was not a case of necessity; she was not suffering any kind of defect that would spoil her appearance much. As a result, the surgery was done only for vanity and to pursue a luxurious career in modelling. That is why many people get so disappointed when they find out about suggested surgery, and why body positive folks are so outraged by this case. 

Now, it is not yet clear where “proper” appearance modification borders with “excessive” modification, and what level of modification is too high to be called a fraud. Does fixing crooked teeth qualify as “proper”, or is it already “excessive”? If a person has issues with breathing, and when undergoing surgery to fix the nasal floor pays extra to improve the node shape, does it qualify as “fraud” already? Those ethical questions on cosmetic surgery are still under discussion. 

What Not To Envy 

Those who dream of getting into Bella Hadid’s shoes, don’t. One of the problems she has to handle on a daily basis is chronic Lyme disease (her mother Yolanda and brother Anwar are also diagnosed). 

Lyme disease is claimed to be caused by deer tick bites. If bitten by an infected tick, humans risk to get infected, and currently, the disease cannot be cured fully. The first problem is that many people do not even notice they were bitten by a small tick. In the majority of cases, after the bite, a range of symptoms develops (the symptoms include rash, fever, headaches, fatigue, severe muscle and joint aches), but sometimes, no symptoms are seen for a long period of time. 

However, as the disease progresses, the person can start suffering severe constant headaches, facial paralysis, skin rashes, heart disorders, muscle, joint, and bone aches, arthritis, and neurological disorders (nerve pain, inability to think clearly, inflammation of the brain and spinal cord, speech problems, memory loss, etc). 

Early in life, Bella was riding horses, and became a skilled equestrian. She took part in teenage competitions, and was considering a sports career. However, it is believed that exactly because of the Lyme disease, Bella was forced to forget her sports goals. 

Luckily, all three – Bella, Yolanda, and Anwar – managed to achieve stable remission of the Lyme disease. However, Bella has to watch her condition closely,mind her diet most of the time, and support the immunity. This is not an easy task when being a model, because additional stress and busy lifestyle put overall health at risk, which is even more true for those with Lyme disease. 

Exactly because of the Lyme disease, Bella was forced to forget her sports goals

So next time you look at Bella’s pretty face, think about how much this girl had to go through before she became famous. 

Routines You Can Borrow 

Of course we are never told the full truth about routines, products, and procedures used, but Bella is pretty straightforward about some of her beauty habits. Most of the routines she shares in her Instagram account, others are spied by third parties. Check them out and see if you can borrow any of Bella’s favourite methods. 


  • Problem: thin hair

Bella Hadid claims she has very thin hair, so she usually asks stylists to add more volume to it. However, when not working, she claims she does pretty much nothing with her hair, except washing, using a hair creme, and drying. Wearing a bun is her “to go” look. 

On one of her Instagram pics Bella Hadid shows some cosmetic products she uses, and talking about hair, she uses affordable Pantene’s Pro-V Smoothing Leave-in Combing Cream that removes frizzle and softens the hair. 

Bella Hadid’s Skin Care Routines

Since Bella Hadid is currently the ambassador for Dior, she frequently mentions using this or that product by Dior, for example, Lip Maximizer and Dior Lip Glow. However, she is know for regular use of skin care products by Dr.Barbara Sturm

Bella states that her mother Yolanda Hadid, also a former model, taught her skin care comes before makeup. As a result, Bella says she is “obsessed” with black peel-off masks, as they provide outstanding cleaning for skin without rough exfoliation. 

Bella states that her mother Yolanda Hadid, also a former model, taught her skin care comes before makeup

Another obsession is sheet masks; the model uses them in the morning as they remove the puff after sleep, deeply moisturize the skin, and make the face really fresh. There are rumours that Bella orders sheet masks directly from Korea. 


I get a lot of products sent to me, and I like to try them, but I end up just literally washing my face and putting on moisturizer and toner

(Well, Bella, even if you’re lucky, this will last only until you’re around 30!)

  • Problem: eye bags

Being a top model means you spend lots of time travelling and especially flying, and after you land, you have no time for proper rest. So, Bella says she always takes care of her skin during flights. She washes her face immediately after she is on board, uses serums and applies night cream. After that, the model tries to have a nap. After she wakes up, Bella uses a sheet mask, under eye patches, and serums again.

Patches are a must, because one of Bella’s frequent problems is baggy eyes, mostly because of early get-ups and busy lifestyle. The model uses them almost every day, especially before shows, or when travelling. 

Generally, to deal with puffiness or dull complexion (especially when this is not a usual condition), massaging face with an ice cube is extremely efficient. Ice immediately tones the skin, stimulates blood circulation, and makes the face look fresh. Just avoid the nose area if you don’t want a Santa Claus nose.

Body & Fitness 

Bella Hadid is very skinny, as well as her older sister Gigi Hadid. In addition to genes giving her impressive curves, Bella states she works out for two or three hours, several times a week. This is especially true before modeling shows. However, Bella states that she does this for living, while women who are not top models should not excruciate their bodies with a three-hour workout. Bella Hadid height and weight correlation currently suggests skinninness, obviously. Bella Hadid’d measurements are 34-24-34, perfect for a top model.

However, due to Bella Hadid’s nationality, which is Palestinian-Dutch (while she was born in the US), puts her under higher risk of overweight, since Palestinian women are traditionally more to the chubby side.  

While her workout regimen is impressive, Bella does not feature big and heavy muscles. Instead, her muscles are flat and long. This suggests she does some yoga and static routine, and also low to medium intensity cardio exercises, that allow to burn fat without growing huge muscles. (To learn more on low to medium intensity exercise, check the book). 

Other typical fitness routines include:

  • kickboxing
  • medium intensity running or walking
  • stretching or yoga

Bella Hadid fitness quote:

You know how every modeil is like, “I do yoga”. Well, I find horses have the same effect


Bella Hadid’s Instagram page and stories often feature her eating burgers, pizza, and French fries. She herself confesses she loves French fries and pizza. 

Bella Hadid quote:

I eat a lot of pizza and really unhealthy food.

When having breakfast at home, Bella Hadid cooks eggs with a sausage, or an egg sandwich on a bagel, nothing fancy. The model also drinks a lot of coffee: according to Bella, three espressos before noon is typical of her. While this does not look like a healthy eating for a model girl, and especially for one being in Lyme disease remission, we suggest Bella follows a certain eating scheme she does not share. She also compensates her unhealthy eating habits with drinking green juices on a regular basis.

Bella has to eat often because of low blood sugar; plus, such eating regimen allows her to keep the belly flat. Regardless of her love for pizza, Bella takes effort to eat an adequate amount of proteins and non-starchy vegetables.

The model also drinks a lot of coffee: according to Bella, three espressos before noon is typical of her

On the other hand, having to workout for two-three hours a day several times a week means she can allow herself pizza and French fries. Other aspects of her diet include green juices, ginger shots, and nut butters. Bella Hadid takes fish-oil pills and vitamins

When not working or partying, Bella Hadid has an early dinner (like 6-7 PM) and goes to bed early as well. To keep herself in good mood and relaxed, she is known to use candles and essential oils. 

The model often has massage sessions because of muscle pains

Final Thoughts 

What we love Bella Hadid for is inspiration. Regardless of her natural beauty or suggested surgery, this girl is a hard working model, loving daughter and sister, and there are things we all can learn from Bella. 

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