Beauty Hacks: Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid is one of the most popular and in-demand top models today, and is an idol and a role model for many women out there. Gigi is still very young, so we must not be very surprised at her fresh complexion and stuff. Yet, on the other hand, Gigi takes her skin care, diet, and workout routines seriously, so there is a lot to learn from her!

Check out all skin care, dieting, and workout routines ever shared by Gigi Hadid model.


Full name: Jelena Noura Hadid

Birthday: April 23, 1995 (Taurus)

Occupation: model

Parents: Yolanda Hadid, Mohamed Hadid

Siblings: Bella Hadid, Anwar Hadid

Children: no

Height: 179 cm / 5’10.47”

Weight: 55 kgs / 121.3 lbs

Gigi Hadid Instagram

Gigi Hadid net worth at the moment of writing was $19 million. Bella and Gigi Hadid are among the most well-known fashion and runway models, and they are also best-favourite role models inspiring thousands of women around the world. Besides being beautiful and successful, Gigi (as well as Bella) had to put in lots of work, and even her beauty, though totally natural, was not easy to keep due to a dangerous health condition.

Beauty Type

Gigi was literally meant to become a model, almost since she was born. She was discovered as a potential model at the age of 2, and little wonder since her mom Yolanda is a former model. Gigi signed her first contract in 2011, and since her very first months of modeling, her fresh and outstanding appearance won everybody’s attention.

To understand Gigi’s approach to her looks better, let’s analyze her beauty type.

Face TypeGigi has round face with elongated chin and wide cheekbones

Color Type – Gigi is a Spring color type; the golden hue is clearly seen in her hair color and even in her skin color

Body Type – in contrast to her sister Bella, Gigi has a more athletic build, and if she was less skinny, she would have probably looked like a Rectangular type of girl. However, her lean shape with a small waist make her lean Hourglass type.

Gene Lottery

Officially, Gigi Hadid nationality is American, however, in fact Gigi Hadid origin is half Dutch, half Palestinian. Being the oldest from three kids, Gigi was lucky enough to get most of her appearance from her mom Yolanda. Bella Hadid was less lucky and in her teenage years, looked more like their Palestinian father.

Young Gigi already drew attention of modelling agencies, and due to her mom’s fame, Gigi face, and measurements, she quickly became a well-known model. However, her path was not perfectly smooth at all.

What Not To Envy

Today, Gigi Hadid has collaborated with many well-known brands, including Chanel, Reebok, Vogue, Maybelline, participated in Victoria Secret show, etc. Somebody may find her appearance and lifestyle a dream come true, which is quite fair. However, there are things you need to know about Gigi to better understand her path to beauty and success:

  • in contrast to her sister Bella, Gigi has always had a more athletic type of the body – while Bella has always had more feminine curves. In teenage years, both sisters envied each other, and were concerned about their body types
  • back in her teenage years – and it is almost unbelievable – many modelling agencies turned Gigi down because of her being “too fat and curvy”, regardless of her heavenly baby face. Gigi had to follow a no joke diet and workout regimen to manage that teenage “puppy fat”. Moreover, later she found out that her weight issues could have been caused by a serious health condition


My thighs were huge; they were like rock! Growing up, I was really athletic, and I had a very athletic body

  • in 2016, five years into her modelling career, Gigi was diagnosed with Hashimoto disease. This is an autoimmune disease, mostly treatable, but until diagnosed and managed, it causes a lot of health and wellbeing issues. Gigi has reported she suffered metabolism issues, sensitivity to cold, body pains, fatigue, etc.
    In fact, when being criticized for “too fat” or “too skinny” shape, Gigi responds that her weight change is caused by her health condition, and if she does not fit somebody’s expectations for “beauty”, well, she’s not obliged to.
  • recently, the model stated that her condition has improved considerably due to proper treatment and care.
    Perhaps, it is partially because of her health condition and considerable changes in weight and shape, Gigi became an advocate for natural looks and beauty variety. She always underlines in her interviews that all women must not look like skinny models, that models are not perfect, and that everybody has to treat themselves more kindly.
  • Moreover, after another Victoria Secret show, Gigi confessed she would like to gain her previous weight back.

Routines We Can Copycat

Gigi is still young, and also she enjoys natural beauty benefits, such as good skin and hair, so there is really not much she is required to do in order to keep her beauty. Her sources of potential problems are Hashimoto disease and also stress due to working as a model. We can only imagine how hard it is to spend hours on a runway, and moreover, to get ready for the shows.

While we cannot discuss her Hashimoto management regiments, we can take a sneak peak into Gigi Hadid skin care, diet, and gym routines.

Gigi Hadid Skin Care Routine

The very first skin care hack from Gigi – and it will do good for the majority of teenage girls and young adolescents in the first place – is keeping the skin care simple. Gigi states she still uses generally the same simple products she used back in high school. The point is, young skin is rather self-sufficient, and does not need additional nourishment or procedures. Gigi believes, if you start using a bunch of products and then suddenly will not be able to support the same routine, the skin will freak out, because it got used to this bunch of products.

So, the very first principle is keep the routine as simple as you can. Avoid procedures you can avoid without getting the skin worse.

On the other hand, only girls with really good skin can follow this advice. Sometimes, young skin needs a very specific and individual treatment, especially when there is acne or breakouts.

Problem: Breakouts
Solution: Toothpaste

Gigi also suffers from breakouts from time to time, especially after Fashion Weeks. What is her advice? Toothpaste! She swears her mom Yolanda taught her to apply some tiny drops of toothpaste on the pimples before going to bed, in order to dry them well. Gigi states it works for her.

However, this hack should not be tried out on sensitive skin. Toothpastes are generally very aggressive, and they are not created for application on skin. If you have sensitive skin, you risk to wake up with a red itchy swollen face.

Problem: Heavy makeup
Solution: No makeup time

Gigi has to wear heavy makeup often due to her job as a model. In order to allow the skin to restore after the shows, she wears no makeup in her everyday life. Gigi can underline her eyebrows a bit and put glow on the cheekbones, but this is all.

Problem: Under eye bags / Tired looks
Solution: Sleeping schedule

Being a model, Gigi has a busy schedule, and usually she wakes up at 7 AM, but sometimes, even earlier. So little surprise she will look sleepy and tired. To minimize that, Gigi follows a sleeping schedule, and on her day off, she sleeps much longer to restore her energy.


I’ve learned very quickly to fall asleep wherever I can. I sleep in the car from event to event or show to show sometimes

Problem: Dry skin
Solution: Body lotion

The feeling of skin being dry can be caused by many reasons, besides natural dryness – by changes in weather, by spending time in place with dry air (like, in the plane, or simply in the office, etc.), and Gigi shares a simple beauty hack to manage this – she applies body lotion on her face. This makes sense, because most body lotions contain mostly moisturizing elements and that’s all, while face creams may include matting elements (because it’s face you know), and these matting elements prevent proper moisturization of skin.

Here is a short Gigi Hadid interview on her skin care habits.

Problem: Moles
Solution: Sunscreen

If you look at Gigi attentively, you will notice she has many small moles on her body. Moles are safe when they do not cause trouble, but in order to avoid that trouble, skin with moles has to be treated carefully, and always be protected with proper sunscreen. Gigi spends time sunbathing, but she almost never tans, and this makes sense.

People that have numerous moles on their skin should undergo a health check on a regular basis. Some moles can potentially cause health issues.


People can see a picture of my body from the neck down and know who it is because of my beauty marks or whatever you call them, moles. I’ve always had them, and I’ve always loved them. Obviously you have to be careful with that; I get them checked regularly and make sure that they’re healthy

Problem: Cellulite
Solution: Massage

Even star models like Gigi and Bella Hadid have cellulite and stripes – just like almost every other girl! Is that a problem? That depends; however, to prevent the skin condition from worsening (because cellulite, being generally safe, can eventually cause water accumulation in the lower body), Gigi and Bella take massage sessions.

Gigi Hadid Hair

Gigi Hadid hair color and style are her signature feature. She is a natural blonde, and all those years, she hasn’t really changed the color much. Obviously, she is not allowed to do anything with her hair style because she is bound by the contract with the modelling agency, but it seems that everybody believes her naturally looking hair is the best option.

Her sister Bella is also a natural blonde, but when she became a model, as well, Bella decided to dye her hair dark brown, in order to look different than her sister. That makes sense, actually, because Gigi with brown hair looks exactly like Bella.

To keep her hair healthy, Gigi does not wash it everyday if she can, and always protects if from the sun. Also, Gigi avoids blow-drying it when possible.

Body & Fitness: Gigi Hadid Workout Routine

As we already know, despite Gigi Hadid impressive height, she is not naturally skinny. So, to keep her shape, be fit enough, and slim enough for her job, Gigi has to workout on a regular basis. However, for her workout is not “work”; Gigi confessed she is a fitness addict. Being a former volleyball player, and a skilled horse riding fan, she believes fitness is useful for both body and mind.

Gigi Hadid quote:

Working out isn’t only physical for me. It’s mental. It helps me escape the noise in my head. It’s the only time my mind goes quiet

Her favourite routine is boxing, and for a good reason. Boxing develops the vestibular system, allows to build strength and stamina, trains the heart and cardiovascular system, prevents boredom during the workout, and helps to physically adjust to different conditions. Workouts like boxing are very different from usual gym fitness on the running machine and stuff, because they stimulate both body and mind, and allow emotional release.

Problem: Puppy fat
Solution: Cardio

When Gigi was young, she was a bit too chubby for a model, and had to work intensively on her shape. Cardio workouts are the best when the main goal is to get rid of fat deposits all over the body. Low to medium intensity cardio brings amazing results in weight loss. Now, Gigi flaunts her fit abs!

Problem: Underweight
Solution: Muscle-building workout

Funny, but Gigi Hadid can be taken as an example for both weight loss and weight gain. When she started her career, she had to lose weight in order to meet the standards. However, a few years later after doing Victoria Secret show, she confessed she wanted her “bigger butt back”. To grow the muscles, Gigi has to workout with weights. However, there is another way for regaining some healthy fat, and this is weight gain diet.

Gigi Hadid Diet

Gigi states she has three eating modes: weight loss mode, usual mode, and cheat days.

For her weight loss mode, Gigi focuses more on protein and vegetables. During her usual mode, she eats clean to stay fit and healthy. Plus, she allows herself cheat days to “stay sane”.


Eat clean to stay fit, have a burger to stay sane

There are several rules she always follows in her usual eating mode:

  • eating home cooked food to the extent possible
  • stay hydrated; if drinking water is boring, take advantage of watery smoothies and juices
  • add foods you like to your usual eating, don’t be a fanatic
  • minimize sugar and sweets
  • take a cheat meal from time to time

Gigi’s favourite cheat meal are cheeseburgers and fries.

Final Thoughts

While Gigi Hadid is a globally famous top model, she keeps it simple, and shows she is a regular girl in many aspects. While her beauty hacks are not something outstanding, she can definitely inspire!

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