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All info we could find about Emilia Clarke workout, diet, and skin care routines. Lots to learn from her!


Full name: Emilia Isobel Euphemia Rose Clarke

Birthday: 23 October 1986 (Scorpio)

Occupation: Actress

Best movies: Terminator Genisys, Me Before You, Last Christmas, Game of Thrones

Parents: Jennifer Clarke, Peter Roderick Clarke

Siblings: Bennet Clarke

Children: no (godson only)

Height: 5’2” / 157 cm

Weight: 127 lbs / 58 kgs

Emilia Clarke Instagram

Emilia Clarke, best known as Daenerys Targaryen from “The Game of Thrones” famout series is one of the most lovable actresses out there. The level of lovability only rises because of Emilia’s incomparable sense of humour – she is not only incredibly beautiful, but also talented and can have a good laugh. Your must-see is Emilia Clarke funny eyebrow dance that will definitely make you smile.

Moreover, this girl plays four musical instruments, and can actually sing. There is a good bunch of movie awards for her acting (Emilia Clarke net worth is $13 million at the moment of writing), and she was also named The Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire in 2015. However, despite her surely beautiful face, Emilia (to be honest) is far from enjoying a perfectly easy and simple-to-support beauty. She has both appearance drawbacks and health issues, but manages to keep it all together remaining one of the most desired actresses out there.

Let’s see what we can learn from Emilia’s experience and routines.

Beauty Type

In contrast to many screen and catwalk beauties, Emilia is closer to a realistically-looking modern woman, so we can relate to her more. Not teenage young, not perfectly fit, yet being one of the pretties women we can enjoy looking at, Emilia can be a good role model for all girls who share the same beauty type.

Face Type – Oval face with pointed chin. Overall, the features are close to classic but for her lips and mouth

Color Type – Emilia is a clear Summer type. She looks good in both blonde and dark brown, but has neither golden nor reddish hues in her colors

Body Type – Emilia skillfully supports her body in proper shape, and wears corresponding outfits that underline her assets and hide the flaws. However, she clearly has the Triangle (the Pear) body type

Gene Lottery

When it comes to her looks, Clarke certainly has a lot of fans, and to be honest, gene lottery was successful for her, at least when it comes to face features and good hair.

One of the reasons of such attractive appearance may be the fact that Emilia Clarke origin is not pure English. In one of her interviews, Emilia revealed that her maternal grandmother was a child of love between her great-grandmother and a man from India. Emilia’s grandmother had to wear a light makeup and used tons of powder in order to hide her darker complexion and to fit into the English society. Due to that, Emilia called herself being ⅛ Indian.

However, despite quite a happy Emilia Clarke childhood and early life, and despite a good win on appearance lottery, there are several issues not to envy.

What Not To Envy

Talking about her appearance, well, let’s be honest – many do envy because Emilia is a beautiful woman. However, one of her face features made her unhappy as a child (overall, the actress recalls her childhood time as very happy and serene). Guess what is it? It is Emilia Clarke eyebrows!

If you recall fashion in the previous years, thick eyebrows were not in trend at all. Thick and noticeable “natural” eyebrows trend is a comparatively recent thing. So, little surprise that back in 90s when Emilia was a child, and all models and actresses wore thin and carefully shaped brows, her now signature eyebrows were seen as a drawback. Emilia recalls she was teased and bullied because of the brows at school, but her mother persuaded her not to touch the brows at all. Today, Emilia Clarke eyebrows are a signature feature of hers, and totally fit the trends.


One more thing not to envy of is Emilia Clarke height, or rather, the length of her legs. Being small in height and having the Triangle (Pear) body type, Emilia has really short legs. She conceals this feature successfully with proper clothes, especially for big occasions, but her short legs are a popular drawback of the Pear body type. While having short legs in general is not a disadvantage (as well as having long legs is not an advantage in itself), for short people who are also prone to excessive weight, this feature can become a bit problematic.


And the last aspect of her body type that Emilia successfully manages is her waist. Being of small height, having wide hips and being chubby, Emilia has to pay constant attention to the zones of belly and waist in order to keep her proportions and curvy shape. For most women of similar height and body type, visible waist and flat belly are hard to achieve.

Emilia Clarke Aneurisma

In 2011, in the middle of filming The Game of Thrones series, Emilia Clarke khaleesi character required energy and physical strength to be portrayed properly. However, Emilia recalls, she did not feel really good, and to be able to perform better, she worked out a lot with a trainer. One morning in February, she felt really bad because of strong, stabbing pains in her head, right in the middle of the workout.

The condition and the pain quickly grew worse, and she was taken to the hospital immediately. After the brain scan, the doctors revealed what was wrong – subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH), which was a life-threatening condition. It was a stroke; an arteria ruptured and blood was flowing to the space around the brain.

Quick fact: about ⅓ of all SAH patients die either immediately, or soon after such stroke. If they survive, long and complicated treatment is needed to compensate the damages to the brain. To survive and stay capable both physically and mentally, Emilia had to go through an urgent surgery, and still there was not guarantee.

After the first surgery that lasted three hours, the doctors told Emilia she would be good if she survives the next two weeks. All that time she had issues with memory, issues with speaking; Emilia recalls she was desperate because how would she live further without the ability to memorize, and the ability to speak? At one moment, she even asked the doctors and family to let her die. The fear, and the physical pains, were unbearable.

One month after admission, the actress eventually left the hospital and was able to get back to her work on The Game of Thrones. However, during the scanning and treatment, the doctors found another small aneurisma on the side of her brain, and that one could pop any time. No one could predict when or how. So they had to watch it carefully.

Meanwhile, Emilia had to work and also recover. She states it was a hard time – the pains and weakness were still there, and she had to use morphine. Almost all the time they filmed Season 2, she thought she was going to die.

After a while, and another brain scan, the doctors found out that the second aneurisma grew twice as big, and they had to manage it immediately. Emilia was promised a fast and easy surgery, but the procedure failed, and they had to open her skull eventually, to reach the bleeding. This time, the surgery was successful, but there were risks of cognitive or sensory losses. Emilia and her family had not idea what it would result in – memory, or vision, or concentration, or anything else. Now Emilia jokes it robbed her of good taste in men.

Today, Emilia runs a charity organization SameYou , focused on informing people about the risks of aneurismas. Emilia is grateful to have been able to receive so much care and medical treatment of such a high quality, yet she is aware few people with the same condition are lucky to get same treatment.

Beauty Evolution

Thank god Emilia has healed now, and she feels well and healthy. While there’s much to be learned from her battle for life, we can also learn from her about being beautiful. Let’s look at her beauty evolution over the years.

Routines We Can Copycat

The good news is that Emilia never made secret of her routines. Which means, we can check them out and take advantage of some of them.

Emilia Clarke Skin Care Routine

When playing Daenerys, Emilia demonstrated smooth and radiant skin at all times. However, besides her own good skin, she had to go through a number of SPA procedures on a regular basis, to support the best condition possible. This was not super easy, though, because working on the series means long hours of shooting, late hours of getting to bed, early mornings, sometimes tons of coffee, and in Emilia’s case – long hours in dry air under the sun (when they filmed the first seasons).

To look young and fresh (because Emilia was older than her character at the time of shooting), Emilia got chemical peels, microneedling, and facial massages.

Problem: Breakouts
Solution: Exfoliation

Chemical peels not only exfoliate the skin, but also make it smoother, tighten the pores, and prevent breakouts.

Problem: Wrinkles
Solution: Microneedling

Microneedling is conducted with either roller or stamp tools, and it is basically a tool with tiny needles that create micro injuries on the surface of skin. The skin is forced to heal, so it starts create collagen, which makes the skin more elastic.

Moreover, any masks made after microneedling deliver their ingredients deeper into the skin layers, resulting in more effect. Emilia has very active facial mobility, which helpes her with her acting, but causes numerous wrinkles that have to be taken care of.

Problem: Aggravation
Solution: LED

During all these intensive procedures, it was important to avoid anything that was going to aggravate the skin, so LED masks were used.


My normal stuff is Dr.Perricone’s hypoallergenic range. I have incredibly sensitive skin, so I struggled to find anything because my skin would react to so much stuff

Problem: Swollen face
Solution: Lymphatic massage

Late nights and early mornings, and in fact many other factors, can cause swollen face or eyelids. To manage those, Emilia went through courses of lymphatic massage, more often with hot and cold stones. This one and similar techniques remove excess water and lymph from the tissues under skin, improve its tone, and stimulate natural blood circulation without chemical influence.

One of Emilia’s own beauty hacks is ALWAYS taking off the makeup, even if she is drunk after the party. She takes the makeup off, cleanses the face, and uses moisturizer, and this is a must.

Emilia Clarke quote:

My mother taught me how to apply my own makeup at 13 years old, and the most important lesson I learned is to never touch my eyebrows, and to cleanse, tone, and moisturize twice a day

Emilia Clarke Hair

Emilia Clarke natural hair color is actually dark brown, and she was wearing wigs for her Daenerys part in The Game of Thrones. She confesses that she has always felt herself “as brunette”, and she loved her natural color. However, at one period, she felt tired of her same hair color, and decided to go for blonde.

While it was fun, Emilia recalls, she quickly grew tired of her new color, as well. One of the reasons was that she started to attract much more attention with her brighter appearance, and this necessity of always keeping her face turned out exhausting in her everyday life.

Another problem was that Emilia’s natural hair was so dark that her blonde was not really looking that good. To make it shiny, she had to undergo a series of procedures, to take the initial dark pigment away. She refused to do that, because one radical go for a blonde already had damaged her hair. So, soon after becoming a blonde, she had to cut her hair short.

Body & Fitness: Emilia Clarke Workout Routine

Emilia has always been more on the chubby side; plus, her small height has always somewhat aggravated this fact. However, as an actress she always have to be in a good shape. Luckily, she has never had faced the requirements of becoming outright skinny, because obviously this is untypical and totally unhealthy for her body type. Emilia herself has never told she was unhappy with her body or weight. So, fitness has never been her passion.

Yet, certain roles demanded physical strength and stamina. For the Terminator movie, Emilia had to endure long exhausting workouts and also a strict diet. This was a harsh experience for her, and since then, she feels reluctant to go through such kind of physical punishment for the sake of a role.

On the other hand, Emilia has had issues with vascular system, so fitness is part of her daily life for the sake of health, as well. Currently, she uses a mild and moderate system of workouts.

The first principle of Emilia Clarke workout is keep it simple, and listen to herself, because different regiments work for different individuals.

The second principle is working with her own weight rather than do any heavy lifting. This is especially true for Emilia, because firstly, she is most probably prone to growing big muscles fast, and secondly, additional volumes of muscles would make her short figure even more stumpy.

The third principle is regularity – Emilia works out 3-4 times a week, and she is often forced to do that almost on the go due to her travelling around for shooting.

Problem: Large muscles / Short legs
Solution: Resistance band

One of the main tasks specifically for Emilia and women who has the same build is to make the muscles strong but keep them flat. Heavy lifting creates volume for muscles, but for small height, additional volume may break the proportions. Resistance bands and working with own weight means the muscles will be kept flat.

Emilia also has to pay special attention to legs exercise, in order to keep the leg muscles in perfect shape. The Pear body type women often have issues with overweight legs and lean upper part of the body at the same time.

Problem: Belly & Waist
Solution: Waist belt

Although Emilia has never claimed she wears waist belts, she obviously often wears dresses with corsets that make her waist and belly look smaller. While resistance bands and other workouts do help to manage the belly area, waist belts would be a good tool to support the shape. Eventually, most women never have a chance of wearing a dress with corset for an event, and yet, we all would love to have nice waists.

Emilia Clarke Diet

Emilia has never been into diets much, and especially after suffering the harsh diet for her role in Terminator movie. Since then, she follows the rule of keeping the food simple, avoid over-processed foods, and junk food.

Emilia already knows that diets never actually work, if they are followed for the sake of weight loss, because after you stop following the strict diet, the weight comes back. Emilia Clarke weight loss has always been a combination of reasonable diet and also workout.

Is Emilia Clarke vegan? Currently, she is not, and she has never claimed she was vegan. Emilia believes that in any diet, balance is the most important thing.

Final Thoughts

Emilia Clarke was the one to inspire millions with her Daenerys Targaryen role in The Games of Thrones series. She keeps being an inspiration since then, both in terms of health, and also in terms of beauty. One of the sexiest women on the planet, Emilia though is a role model of being a loving family member, an advocate for health care, and a girl who loves to keep it simple.

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