Disadvantages of Vegan Dieting – Myths and Truths

When my first boyfriend told my mother he was a vegan, she immediately asked him if he can, hmmm, you know, in other words, isn’t he worried about his “male power”? Hahaha, gosh. This is one of the disadvantages of vegan dieting – not problems with “male power”, but problems with impolite people asking stupid questions. 


Vegan lifestyle is full of stereotypes, like a street dog full of fleas. Even actually vegans sometimes have no idea about this or that aspect. One of my colleagues, being vegan herself, was sure as hell that men must not be vegans at all. The idea of whole nations following vegan diet without any harm for their sexual life was totally new to her.

Also, LOTS of non-vegans firmly believe vegan diet is harmful and is actually just an oddity. Again, communities living like that for ages are not an argument here. Right.

Anyways, is it bad for your health being a vegan?

What are the real disadvantages of vegan diet?

So, Vegan Diet Sucks? 

Less Energy – Nope

This is total bullshit. Eating less animal products is not equal eating less calories, in general. Potatoes, bread, eggs and dairy, vegetable oils, nuts and legumes provide enough energy for everyday living, going in for sports, having sex, doing home chores, leading corporations, etc. In case you add some nutrients to your diet like spirulina or plant milks, and also fresh juices – you will be flying like Elon Musk’s rocket.

Lack of Protein – Nope

This one of the favourite imagined disadvantages of vegan diet.

Soy beans and lentil seeds alone contain enough protein to meet the daily needs of human body. Again, beans, mushrooms, nuts, and grains, together with eggs and dairy if we are talking about ovo-lacto-vegetarians as well, are totally enough for covering all needs in proteins.

Lack of Calcium – Nope

A glass of fresh orange juice contains as much calcium as a glass of milk. Do I have to add anything?

Male Sexual Abilities – Nope  

Ahahaha, hahaha, haha, that is the question that worries so many people! Ok, no jokes, let’s think together.

If you’re a vegan, your heart works better due to decreased animal fats and cholesterol, your cardiovascular system overall is better so the blood supply is good, you are not stuffed with artificial hormones found in meat that powerfully suppress the body’s natural endocrine balance. Your digestion is better, the body fluids are less acidic, which means you’re not that smelly, and the body is less toxic overall, which increases the overall stamina. You have less chances to develop obesity and diabetes.

Why would you even have better erection and sex in these conditions? Really.


Physical Strength – Nope

Real disadvantages of vegan diet do not include physical weakness.

Physical strength depends on general capabilities of the body, the level of training, and on balanced nutrition. I’ve seen strong vegans and strong meat eaters, I’ve seen weak and lazy vegans and weak and lazy meat eaters. By the way, I’ve seen MORE weak and lazy meat eaters than vegans, because if a person considers their nutrition, they are more likely to consider physical training as well.

B-12 Anemia – Nope

As far as I know, ALL people, not only vegans, are recommended to consume supplements to provide enough B-12 to their bodies, because most people following contemporary lifestyle and living in cities are lacking some vitamins, not only the B-group.

Difficulties With Buying Food And Cooking – Kinda

Generally, if you’re living in an area where the variety of products available is rather limited, then yes, you are more likely to face the difficulty of finding some products. This is why I personally never argue for vegan diet worldwide. At least, not currently.

Because some people, in some areas, will be unable to grow or buy enough plant food, as simple as that.

However, if you are living in a city, town or village without problems of food delivery… come on.

As for cooking, if you are not initially into cooking and your best fine cuisine is microwaved fast food – yeah, you’ll have difficulties cooking ANY food properly. So, let’s just be honest, vegan dishes are not harder to cook.

Less Options For Comfort Food – Kinda

Again, if you have a habit for heavy and fatty comfort food, like meat, or lots of chocolate, or whatever fast food, then you will have to think over your healthier options of comfort food.

The good news is that there are plenty of harmful fast food options that are totally vegan or vegetarian. French fries, potato chips, chocolate and ice-cream are vegetarian.

Hair Loss, Bad Teeth Or Skin – Nope

The fact behind this stereotype is that some so-called vegetarians stop eating animal products and do not start eating vegetables. I knew some people who mostly ate bread, potatoes, and pasta. They had no habit of eating fruit, and never bothered cooking vegetables. Any ideas why they suffered deterioration of skin, teeth and hair? Exactly.

The truth is, I know hundreds of omnivorous people who has awful skin, teeth and hair. I really wonder why no one points this out.

It is generally considered, that following an omnivorous diet, one has “more chances” of getting the nutrients he needs. This is one of the bestest pieces of trash I have ever happened to hear.

Guess what most omnivorous people do? They eat what is tastier. They mostly eat what they like more, or what is easier to get or to cook. As simple as that. 90 percent of omnivorous people have no idea about balanced diet, full stop. They just don’t care.

Following a vegan diet does not automatically means one becomes healthy, because, as I already said, potatoes and ice-cream are totally vegetarian, but are not beneficial for health that much.

Following the vegan diet means considering one’s diet and being aware you might lack some nutrients, thus adding them consciously to your meals.

My personal experience is better teeth and skin (especially teeth!) in several month after I went vegan.

Depression – Wut A Bullshit

The first reason why one has severe depression following a vegan diet is… some reasons for having depression not connected to following a vegan diet.

Like, honestly, anybody counted the percent of vegans with depression and omnivorous people with depression? I don’t think so. It’s just vegans are always under the limelight, because all the meat and dairy industries, and the health care industries are looking for the tiniest problems with vegans to proclaim veganism is a dangerous oddity. Because – exactly – otherwise people will consider vegan diet and these industries will be suffering losses.

So, the first reason for depression being vegan is any reason that causes depression in any person, whatever is the diet.

The second probable reason for depression is that the person became vegan and now fucking everybody in their social circle, including the closest family, persecute them and making fun of them. So, yeah, no wonder one may suffer depression, being socially persecuted doing a good thing.

The third probably reason for having depression is lacking some chemicals as the result of following the vegan diet. I’ve never met such people in person and have never heard of people who knew such people in person.

Weight Loss – Kinda

Some people have high hopes they will be able to lose weight following vegan diet, while others are worried they will also lose weight (mostly this is true for “strongmen”) on vegan diet. Both perspectives are partially true. Yes, you can lose some fat following vegan diet, but you will most probably gain it back, so don’t hurry to be happy. Yes, you will probably lose some muscle following vegan diet, but this is a temporary effect. As soon as the body adapts and you provide the necessary amount of plant-based protein, you will regain your shape. Moreover, as far as I know, most people who are seriously into muscle still add some gainers to their menu, so why to worry? 

Difficulty Eating Away From Home – Nope

I wonder how skillful people are in imagining problems where there are no problems. Unless you eat out in a steak house every day, you won’t probably have any issues with eating away from home. Unless all your family and friends are making fun of you and intentionally book you restaurants that serve only raw meat and blood, I see no issue in choosing a vegetarian meal.


Radical Lifestyle Change – Wut?

Radical lifestyle change for the better? Is it even a disadvantage?

Dealing With Misconceptions And Judgement Of Other People – YUP

Now let’s talk the real talk.

Becoming a vegan, and even being a vegan for years, you are still forced to explain your position to people, even if in most cases, it is not most of their business at all.

You are socially bound to patiently tolerate stupid and “super-original” jokes about your lifestyle choices in general and your diet in particular. The society gives you no permission to answer back and ask if the people mocking you like eating corpses, and why don’t they eat meat raw if they are “predators”. You instantly become “rude” and “annoying”, another “crazy vegan”.

People who basically don’t give a shit about you and wouldn’t probably call the police if they saw you being robbed on the street feel themselves entitled to ask will you be able to have sex if you’re male, or will you be able to give birth to a healthy child if you’re female (let alone it is none of their business whether you actually want sex or child).

People who haven’t got even the tiniest clue about physiology, dietology and whatever -ology feel themselves fit enough to lecture you about nutrition and dangerous health issues that you are obligatory doomed to face.

So social judgement is one of the most serious, or even the most serious disadvantage I assign to being vegetarian or vegan.

Being mocked, asked stupid questions and lectured may really lead to becoming an angry and irritated vegan. 

Let’s talk about some other expected disadvantages of vegan dieting.


Frequent Bowel Movement – YUP

According to Dr.Richard Schulze, a healthy human should have 1 poop per 1 meal, so if on average you eat 3-4 meals a day, you should have 3-4 travels to the restroom with serious intentions. Or at least 2 times, ok, morning and evening. But is it a disadvantage? I find it less convenient to spend an hour in the toilet trying to do your thing, especially if you’re not at home, and failing, than doing it twice a day in 5 minutes whatever the place you’re staying at.

If you don’t believe this is even possible, you should definitely try vegan diet and forget the word “constipation”. Forever.

Less Sick Leaves Unless You Are Lying About Them – YUP

If you are a religious person and a vegetarian simultaneously, you will have difficulty taking sick leaves and working from home days, because your empowered immunity will grind all viruses like a millstone. So you’ll either have to lie, or go to the office. Sorry.


And the last disadvantage…

You Are Pressed To Constantly Go Through a Mind Experiment of Being Accidentally Imprisoned in a Desert with a Pig and a Chicken and Having No Plants Around for Miles, and Dying from Hunger


P.S.: Overall, each time you are told vegans suffer this or that disease or health issue, just stop for a moment and think – don’t “omnivorous” people actually suffer the same? What are the real reasons behind the issue? 

Hope this was useful!

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