Why Excluding Products From Diet Does Not Work

Remove these five products from your diet and you will start losing weight!

Exclude this one product from your diet to lose weight!

Avoid these products to start losing weight immediately!


What a nonsense.

This shit with fast weight loss diets will never work.

Unless you eat TONS of some really specific product that can cause weight gain (like fat meat, or tons of chocolate), excluding one random product won’t change anything in your routine. Yup, you can feel the difference if you exclude, say, meat. Or dairy. Or vegetables. Or sugar as such.


But these are categories of products, not specifically products, and they include a list of foods, some of which may cause weight gain, some may not.

See how it works.

Excluding Random Products As Fast Weight Loss Diet

When you exclude specific products, firstly, you should make sure you actually eat them on a daily basis. For example, if you eat a lot of sausages, or hot dogs, daily, maybe you should change this routine.

However, some people might think “Oh, I eat a lot of potatoes on a daily basis (like what we can see in Ukraine where I live), maybe I should exclude potatoes?” And yes, if they exclude potatoes, they will feel the difference, of course, but are potatoes so harmful in terms of weight gain? And what if people are used to meals including potatoes, and don’t find anything else as hearty?

So the first two criteria you should check out are 1) “Do I eat this on a daily basis?” and 2) “Do I eat it because it is quick/easy/cheap/tasty, or this is part of my usual local daily diet?” 


“Do I eat this on a daily basis?”

“Do I eat it because it is quick/easy/cheap/tasty, or this is part of my usual local daily diet?”


I think if someone recommends Japanese to avoid rice as a fast weight loss diet, they will mostly twist their finger at their temple. This is a common example, but you’ve got the idea of what I mean.

Therefore, if you do not eat a product on a daily basis, why should you consider excluding it? It is your daily habits that form your lifestyle and diet, not what you grab occasionally once a month! 

What Happens If You Exclude Products, Not Replace Them

If you exclude a product you eat often without finding what to replace it with, you’re in trouble.

Here how it works.

If I eat a lot of chocolate, for example, and gain weight, I want to exclude chocolate. But I eat a lot of chocolate for a reason, I like the taste of it, or I am bored and neet emotional snacks. If I consider replacing the chocolate with chocolate-flavoured cereal balls, or with cocoa, excluding chocolate will work, because I will get the same taste and satisfaction from products that do not cause weight gain as fast as chocolate does.

What if I exclude chocolate from my daily diet without replacing it?

I will still replace it, unconsciously, with another product, PERHAPS even more harmful. I know I will not get chocolate, so I will go and buy several cinnamon buns. Will it be a replacement that will stimulate weight loss? I don’t think so.

Let’s pretend you exclude not emotional food, but some other usual product, like bread, ok let’s take bread. You are used to eating bread, and then you are recommended to exclude it to lose weight. You do so, but guess what – bread provided a certain amount of calories in your meals.

Having excluded bread, you will still look for ways to get the same amount of calories your body is used to. So, instead of eating bread, you will look for more calories in other products. You are lucky if these products are healthy, but usually they are not. Most probably you will end up covering the lack of calories with cookies. This is how excluding products works.

What Works, Then?

Excluding categories of products works. Look at some of the most popular diets today: vegan/vegetarian, ketogenic (low carb) and high carb. They all exclude categories of products, a list of products.

However, this suggests change in lifestyle, change in nutrition, change in approach to how you feed your body. When you simply exclude random products, this is not suggested at all

So don’t waste your time reading all those “remove this one product from your diet to lose weight” articles, and stop believing in such miracles. Those “easy and fast” diet tips are never efficientLosing weight is easy when you know how things work, and now you know that excluding products from diet randomly does not help lose weight

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