Gain Weight: Week 1 Day 3

Weight: 53,1 kgs/ 117,1 lbs

(Sorry, no pic today)

Day 3 has actually reminded me why I was so desperate to lose weight at the age of 15-19.

If you think I believe only skinny is beautiful, that’s not the case. I have seen many beautiful girls who were bigger than me, and yet, their shapes were more attractive and impressive than mine. Beauty is all about proportions.

It does not matter whether you are big, small, or medium; proportions is the key.

In my case, proportions have failed me. I belong to this unhappy type of women who gain weight mainly on the belly. I also accumulate huge fat thighs, but my butt remains flat. I never gain volume in boobs, and they become even smaller in the background of my fat sides and muffin top. Also, I have always had this lower belly bulge. Gosh, this looks bad even when simply written ((

Today, I know that to balance this situation, I can workout with weights, to make the glutes bigger.

Back then at 15-19, I was not aware, and my main goal was to lose weight, in order to gain at least more or less attractive proportions.

I have to confess that staying more on the skinny side than on the chubby side always works for me more, because my “bone frame” is small and narrow, and I have hard time banalcing the proportions when I am heavier.

However, I repeat, I do not think skinny is more beautiful. I would love to have this “guitar” type of body. 

I had a friend once (we haven’t seen each other for many years now), who in addition to a beautiful face (and flawless skin) had a stunning body. She was bigger than me. She also had this “Jennifer Lopes” kind of butt, and really heavy hips and legs. I was higher and slimmer, and yet, when we were on a beach together, all boys stared at her, because she seemed generally better-built.

Proportions define your shapes, not the weight.

And now, I have this belly growing again. I think in a week or two I will look like pregnant, lol.


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