Gain Weight: Week 2 Day 4

Weight: 54,6 kgs / 120,4 lbs

Today, I have noticed some interesting things about myself and my new (and growing) weight.

The first thing – my underwear started to leave marks on skin, especially on the sides of hips where the seams are situated. I’m still fine with my clothes, as I do not typically wear those super small XS stuff to fit tightly. However, the difference in size already starts to show, and I wonder whether I will actually fit in a week or two.

The second this is, my sides started to hurt a little bit, or they started to be more sensitive, and I think this is also because of clothes. I spend most of my time at home now, and I wear home pants that have this wide elastic band on top to keep the pants on me. Perhaps my sides stop fitting my home pants, lol.

The third thing, I eat on a regular basis, but I start feeling hungry more often. It means my stomach volume increased a bit, which is totally fine with me for now.  

Ironically, despite high amounts of fat that I consume, my usually oily skin on face did not become more oily. Overall, for now, I see no negative consequences of weight gain diet on skin, at least on my face. As for the body, my daily skin care routines described protect the skin from tiger stripes.

Also, my jar of coconut butter is empty now, and I will have to add more sweet butter to my food instead. I have already ordered a new jar, expect it to be delivered tomorrow. Coconut butter is so delicious, and it can also be used for daily skin care. Love it.

Ok, I guess that’s all news for today.

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