Gain Weight: Week 2 Day 5

Weight: 54,6 kgs / 120,4 lbs

Today, I have a story to tell.

It happened when I was small, maybe 7 years old.

One of my Dad’s friends, who did not visit us very frequently, during one of his rare visits told my parents that I would be of model size. She will have height and sizes of a top model, he said.

Well, already at the age of 15, it became clear he was wrong. Firstly, my height was (and is today) 165 centimetres, or 5,4 ft, far from model parameters. Next, not a model face, lol; he could not be even more wrong in this aspect.

And lastly, my body sizes were far from top model; in fact, I am smaller than average, with hips and breast being around 88 cm / 34 inches. My waist was 58 cm / 23 inches at my best times when I was as skinny as a bone. So no outstanding shapes either. 

I have to be honest, I would love to be a model, but without any possibilities for that, I chose to be a copywriter (yeah, those life choices!). And also I just hoped I will be pretty and lean.

But when my adolescence started, even hopes on being pretty and lean vanished. Being small in frame, I was unlucky enough to gain fat like a small elephant. At the age of 16 (as far as I remember now; I can’t double-check because all my old journals were burned) my peak weight was 68 kgs / 150 lbs, definitely too much for my height and frame. I was not overweight to make the problem obvious enough, I was just chubby and shapeless. And being chubby and shapeless is a catastrophe when you’re 16-17-18.

Eventually, I have managed to lose weight, and since then, I had only two episodes of weight gain on purpose – one at the age of 26 for the sake of health, and one at the age of 28 for the sake of muscle mass

My full story on weight gain, and also methods that work, are described in the book:

And now is the third episode of my intentional weight gain, and my size is going more and more away from those “model parameters” predicted by my Dad’s friend.

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