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Everything we could find about Halle Berry workout, diet, and skin care routines. Check if you can take advantage and use some of them!


Full name: Maria Halle Berry

Birthday: August 14, 1966 (Leo)

Occupation: Actress

Best movies: X-Men, Die Another Day, Cloud Atlas

Parents: Judith Ann Hawkins, Jerome Jesse Berry

Siblings: Heidi Berry-Henderson

Children: 2

Height: 1.65 m/ 5’4

Weight: 51 kgs/ 112 lbs

Halle’s Instagram

We all know Halle Berry as actress, as she has shown her rare beauty in many movies. Being over 50, Halle continues to work in the movie industry, and is far from playing middle-aged housewives or stuff (just check her latest movie “John Wick” with Keanu Reeves and you’ll see what we mean).

In fact, before she became an actress, Halle started as a model, and took part in several beauty contests when she was young, coming in sixth in the Miss World 1986. Later in 2000s, already as a mature actress, Halle Berry became one of the highest-paid in Hollywood.

Now, while her acting skills may not be everybody’s cup of tea, today, Halle Berry is known as one of the most beautiful women in the world, and one of the women who seems to never age at all. While men can drool over her curvy shapes and charming face, the majority of women ask one and the same question again and again:

How the hell does she manage to stay so young-looking???

Luckily for the whole reading world, Halle is not very reluctant to share her secrets, and surprisingly, her answer is not plastic surgery, or super-duper beauty procedures costing an arm and a leg. Eventually, it all comes down to good old healthy lifestyle and hard work.
Which means we can copycat, right?

Beauty Type

To better understand our chances of following some of Halle’s style and image decisions, it makes sense to be aware of her beauty type.

Face Type – Oval face. Due to her mixed racial origin, Halle is a happy owner of regular features

Color Type – Winter. Despite somewhat goldish shades of her skin and hair, Halle is still a bright Winter type. This is proved by the fact that brownish-reddish makeup popular in the 80s-90s does not become her at all.

Body Type – Hourglass, totally perfect for her age!

Gene Lottery

Halle has definitely inherited some beauty genes, and her undeniably charming looks has never failed her, since her youth. Just to make you impressed enough, Halle took the first place in People’s “50 Most Beautiful People in the World” list in 2003, but wait, before 2003, she was in the top 10 seven times in a row!

Halle Berry quote:

I spent a lot of time with a crown on my head

The same year, that is, 2003, she became number one in “100 Sexiest Women in the World” by FHM. In 2008, Esquire listed her in “Sexiest Woman Alive”, and she was 42 back then.

Besides nice face features, and obviously good basis for stunning body shape, Halle enjoys naturally thick hair, and she takes advantage of it all her life – everybody knows the signature Halle Berry pixie cut looks that seem to have actually made her so famous.

Another advantage is always good complexion enjoyed by the majority of women with darker shades of skin color. Moreover, as far as we know, Halle has never really suffered any teenage acne breakouts, and it shows, because even now, her skin is scandalously smooth and even.

It can be said without a doubt that when gifts were given out before birth, this baby definitely stood in the right queue for beauty, grabbing some pretty face, even teeth, smooth skin, thick hair, and stunning body.

Unfortunately, while Halle was standing in the beauty queue, it seems that she has missed a health queue and a happy family one.

What Not To Envy

Halle says that her father was extremely abusive to her mother, literally beating her on a regular basis, kicking her down the stair, or hitting her with a wine bottle. Halle was a frequent witness of such behavior since her early age. Eventually, her parents divorced, and Halle lost connection with her father altogether. Already being adult and famous, she said she did not even know if he was still alive back then.

Halle Berry was a popular girl as a student, a cheerleader, and prom queen. Several beauty contests opened a road to modelling career, but the first weeks as a model were hard for Berry – she had to literally sleep in shelters for homeless, and at other charity organizations, before she booked her first jobs.

Halle Berry quote:

There’s a place in me that can really relate to being an underdog 

Being part of such a dysfunctional family, Halle has always gotten into complicated and abusive relationships. One of her boyfriends went far enough to puncture her eardrum, and as a result, Halle has lost 80 percent of hearing in her left ear.

Complicated relationships and inability to settle down with a caring person, plus impaired hearing, were not Halle’s biggest trouble yet.

Halle Berry’s Diabetes

Back in her school days, Halle claims she was a bit overweight, but overall, she believed in being quite healthy. However, this was far from truth. Despite the fact that nobody in the family had suffered any type of diabetes, Halle developed this disease slowly, and unknowingly.

She recalls suffering the feeling of fatigue from time to time, but she never thought is was something serious. The serious thing happened in 1989, when she was on a TV show; she felt the need to eat something to regain energy, but simply had no spare minute to grab a bite. She believed she could just endure it, but as a result, Halle simply passed out.

She spent several days in diabetic coma. When she woke up, the doctors told her she had type 2 diabetes, that develops slowly and includes such symptoms as tiredness, blurred vision, overweight. Due to genetic predisposition, African and Asian youth gets this disease at younger ages.

Halle was informed about the severity of her condition, being doomed to take insulin injections for the rest of her life. if something goes wrong, the doctors said, she could lose her eyesight, or lose her legs. Other risks included kidney failure, heart disease, and cardiovascular diseases.

Due to considerable diet and lifestyle changes – and proper medical care including insulin injections, of course! – Halle managed to get over most of the risks brought by the type 2 diabetes condition. She has to test her blood sugar level a couple of times a day, get insulin injections, and follow a healthy lifestyle, but eventually, Halle states it all turned out for good. “Diabetes was a gift”, she says.

Halle Berry quote:

Diabetes was a gift

Beauty Evolution

Since Halle has been around for many years, remaining a stunning beauty, check out her beauty evolution over time. By the way, some gossip industry claims that Halle has undergone nose job and breasts surgery. However, looking through a row of her pics of different age, these statements are obviously ridiculous. Moreover, considering the diabetes condition, her taking additional risks for the sake of beauty, already being an acknowledged beauty queen, does not seem probable.

Halle Berry quote:

I think we have become obsessed with beauty and personally I’m really saddened by the way women mutilate their faces today in search of that

(It is easier to say things like that when you’re an acknowledged beauty queen and have been so for your whole life Halle).

Routines We Can Copycat

What we love Halle for is because she shares her real daily routines everybody can try out, instead of pointing her finger to an expensive cosmetic brand and leave. So, let’s dissect her methods of staying so youthful!

Halle Berry Skin Care Routine

  • Problem: Wrinkles
  • Decision: Keto Diet

One of the remedies she immediately turned to in order to manage her diabetes was ketogenic diet, that focuses on providing the body with healthy proteins and fats, while limiting the high-carb foods. Halle eats chicken and fish, tons of vegetables, and keeps the food natural and simple. She avoids red meat, alcohol, processed foods, and also most fruits, because fruits contain high amounts of sugar.

Surprisingly enough, this type of diet turned out to be a an elixir of eternal youth and beauty – or, rather, one of the elixirs. While low-carb and high-fat diet is not for everyone, and should be tried out carefully (and better after consultation with the doctor), keto approach has several benefits specifically for skin. Firstly, healthy fats support the skin hydrated and shiny, and secondly, limited sugars intake prevents wrinkles.

The point with sugars is that sugars of almost any nature, be it sweets, fruit sugar, or fast carbs foods, is that sugars make the inner skin tissues literally stick together with time. So, less sugar means less wrinkles.

  • Problem: Skin losing tonus
  • Decision: Bone broth

Another remedy Halle uses, and openly speaks about it, is surprisingly not expensive cosmetics again. It is drinking bone broth! She claims she cooks it herself, and drinks on a regular basis. There are many ways of cooking it, yet one has to be careful with bone broth for several reasons.

Yet, bone broth is a simple yet efficient way to keep the skin young, because it is rich in collagen, and collagen is what makes the skin toned and tight. Consuming bone broth, you literally provide the skin with building material for supporting its structure.

  • Problem: Fading complexion
  • Decision: avoid smoking, facial sprays

Obviously, women with darker skin shades have less issues with complexion, but with age, almost everyone notices that the complexion becomes less even. Halle strongly recommends to avoid smoking, and to use facial sprays on a regular basis as a quick aid for shiny complexion. Halle’s choice is Australian brand Jurlique’s Rosewater.

Overall, Halle Berry skin care routine is simple every day – she applies cleanser, toner, moisturizer, then eye cream.
Her next advice is wearing sunscreen, even in the middle of winter. One would think darker skin can get away without sunscreen in cold time of the year, but Halle’s youthful looks suggests this belief is erroneous. Perhaps we all need sunscreen.

  • Problem: Sagging face
  • Decision: Olga Lorencin products

Halle is a passionate advocate for Olga Lorencin skin care products, and visits the clinic on a regular basis for many years. Her use-at-home favs are creams and masks.

  • Problem: Irritation, inflammation
  • Decision: LED face mask

Even the best skin sometimes gets irritation or inflammation due to period days, change of weather, casual flu, or other cases when life just breaks in. Halle shares that to avoid or manage these problems, she uses LED face mask that treats the skin with special light.

The best thing about LED masks is that they fit for super sensitive skin that can react to any chemical influence (for example, change of water when you travel, or a new cream you try out). LED masks are insanely popular today, and while they are not a panacea for skin problems, they show efficiency in combination with other treatments.

  • Problem: Face muscles losing tonus
  • Decision: fitness

Workouts influence our face the same way they influence the body. Intensive workouts make the blood flush to face, fill the face muscles and skin with blood and nutrients, keep the muscles toned and firm. Halle is all about fitness, which can actually be seen in her Instagram.

Body & Fitness: Halle Berry Workout Routine

If you want to take her as a role model, visit Halle Berry’s Instagram and watch out for Friday #PhitTalks when Halle together with her trainer Peter Thomas share their approach, insights, and other cool stuff on workouts. Overall, following Halle means seeing much of her training on a regular basis. This girl rarely sits on her butt.

Halle Berry workouts include, among other:

  • martial arts
  • resistance band exercise
  • cardio workouts

Halle Berry Fitness Rules

Working out with a good trainer is a privilege, and even if you go to your local gym and hire one, there is actually no guarantee the guy (or girl) is adequate. Honestly, most trainers don’t do a good job on helping their clients to achieve exactly the results stated – as a rule, they either press too hard, or lead the trainee along a completely different way than expected. Few trainers hear their supervisee and take care of their wellbeing. Halle is happy finding the person who hears and feels her.

In fact, Peter Thomas once shared his own impression of Halle shortly after they started to workout together. He said:

I didn’t really know how old she was, and was shocked to find out she was 52. She has the vigour of a 25-year-old girl.

Due to her occupation as an actress, Halle sometimes works out with other coaches she hires in the place she works. However, regardless of the trainer, she follows the next rules:

  • spend at least 30 minutes per day on cardio
  • full body workout at least three times a week
  • use own body weight for leaner shapes, but do some heavy weights to support strength and muscle volume

Halle once shared her concern about inability to grab a good part in some movies if that part requires to put on weight, or lose it and become skinnier. Because of her diabetes condition, whatever controlled, Halle cannot put herself at risk for the sake of a good movie role. Being a mother, she is responsible for her kids’ wellbeing, and risking her health does not seem a responsible behavior:

Career is important, but nothing really supersedes my role as a mother

Halle Berry Diet

Halle is in love with her keto diet due to advantages it gives to her. She often cooks meals herself, and has shared her favourite cook book on keto recipes – “Quick & Easy Ketogenic Cooking” by Maria Emmerich.

Halle Berry quote:

I always had to diet. I’m diabetic, so it’s a lifestyle for me anyway just to stay healthy and not end up in the hospital

Besides keto, Halle Berry diet includes intermittent fasting. This method suggests that the person can take meals only within a certain time window in the day, avoiding eating the rest of the day. There are different regimens for intermittent fasting, but for Halle, it seems to work well. Her trainer Peter also combines keto and intermittent fasting for impressive physique.

Yet, Halle has her weaknesses, too:

I like Doritos. I’m usually watching “The Biggest Loser” eating Doritos

Final Thoughts

Halle Berry can be a role model for a bunch of reasons. Being a beauty since teenage years, she managed to strive for something better than simply vanity over her looks. Being part of dysfunctional family, she managed to learn love and provide it to her children (and herself!). Struggling with severe health condition, she maintained a healthy and powerful lifestyle that helped her to control her disease and lead an active life.

In between all this, she makes movies and raises her children, remaining one of the most beautiful women in the world, being in her 50s! If Halle cannot inspire people for healthy lifestyle, we don’t know who could.

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