How To Lose 10 kgs in a Month

fit girl work outIs it possible to lose 10 kgs in a month? What about how to lose 10 kgs in a month without exercise? Easy-peasy.

I have a totally reliable method just for you, checked by thousands of people who have successfully lost 10 kgs in one month.

This method is simple, available to anybody and does not demand from you any additional costs. Intrigued?

Here is the method. Stop eating. At all. For a month.


…What, you’re shocked? Outraged by my suggestion?

Oh sorry about that. It is the only way.

Who are those people that successfully lost 10 kgs of fat in one month? Well, I bet a lot of people in war concentration camps lost a lot of weight due to undernourishment.

I know this definitely sounds outraging for you and even politically incorrect, but this is bare truth.

This is the only possible way one can lose 10 kgs in one month without exercise.

You haven’t told me you want a healthy and comfortable way, your request was to lose weight quickly. Correct, because there is no healthy and comfortable way to lose 10 kgs in a month, period. So I have to be harsh here.


But you would like to lose 10 kgs in a month and stay alive, right? Perhaps yes, let’s assume it was yes.

You don’t want to follow a diet and don’t want to exercise. Hmm, well, you can undergo liposuction. It is invasive, painful, sometimes dangerous, and the results are sometimes far from pretty, but still.

Oh, you don’t want an invasive, painful, dangerous method that brings no guaranteed result? And also, you want to lose 10 kgs in a month spending no money I guess?

Ok, you don’t want the methods I offer, so what do you want to do, then? Lose 10 kgs in a month without a diet? How, cut your leg off perhaps? Legs are pretty heavy. Still no?

The problem is, this unimaginably stupid “lose 10 kgs in a month” stereotype is still alive and thriving, and all people who have these 10 kgs to lose are absolutely sure they are expected and must get rid of this weight in a month. Who cares this fat was accumulated during 10 years, everybody believes that weight loss must be rapid. But it can’t be.

What even makes you put this goal of losing 10 kgs in one month? Where this number was in fact taken from? Is it possible to lose 10 kgs in a month? 

Lose 10 kgs In One Month Is Unrealistic Goal

The saddest scenario happens when a well-meant newbie comes to the gym and tells him or herself: I am starting a new life, and my fist big goal is to lose 10 kgs in one month. This is my goal, because this is what people always claim to strive for.

The newbie starts to follow a strict diet, to workout, and in fact do his best. However, the results are rather humble. The first week passes, and no BOOOM result yet. Another week passes. The newbie starts to count that, if he or she intended to lose 10 kgs in a month, the expectation was to lose about 2,5 kgs in a week, and no such result is seen, not even close. The newbie may start working out even harder and cut the calorie intake, but by the end of the month, 100 percent no expected outcome.

And here, all you “unsuccessful” newbies start hating yourself with all your heart. It was your fault, you were too weak, lacked will power, and abilities, you are miserable, not worthy of anything better in this life, because you can’t accomplish even such a simple and easy goal as losing the fucking weight!


Now, what if I told you that I am planning to cross China on foot in three days.

Yeah, you hear me correct. My goal is to cross the whole country of China on foot in 3 days, without transport. Do you know how big is China? Look at the map.

Well? Will you burst out laughing in my face?

Perhaps you will tell me that it is impossible, because the country is vast and mountainous?

And if I still try and fail (obviously I will!), and will start blaming myself for being too stupid, weak and miserable, you will probably immediately tell me that it was my goal that was stupid and impossible.

You will probably patiently point out for me that the country is way too big, and if you still remember some math from school, you will tell me that most people walk with speed of 6-8 kms per hour, on average. Therefore, even walking for 10 hours a day, for three days, I will be able to cover only 240 kms.

If you have a device at hand, you will probably google that China has more than 5,000 kms from east to west, and about the same from north to south. SO THERE WAS NO FUCKING WAY I COULD CROSS CHINA ON FOOT IN THREE DAYS.

My body, human body is just unable to cross China on foot in three days.


In 99,9 percent of cases, this just won’t happen.

So when you end up frustrated by the end of this month, because you failed to accomplish a goal you were so proud to announce, think about it. Where did you take this number from, at all? Wasn’t your goal stupid and unrealistic?

How Much Weight Can I Lose in One Month?

To understand how much weight (fat) you are actually able to lose in a month, you should first find out how much fat your body uses for its daily needs. Most sources state more or less the same quantities, and the daily need for fats is about 50g for an average human (not bed-bound and not a marathoner).

What this quantity gives us? If the body consumes 50g per day on its needs without extensive exercise, it means that if you cut the consumption of fats to zero, you will lose 50g of fat per day, 350g of fat per week, and 1400g, or 1,4 kgs of fat per month.

Sounds pretty nice, but obviously it is impossible to cut fat consumption to zero and still live a comfortable life. Therefore, let’s pretend we cut fat consumption to 20g per day. This means that you will lose 30g of fat each day, 210g of fat each week, and 840g of fat each month.

A kilogram per month without strict dieting, without exhausting workouts, only limiting fat consumption to 20g per day.

Easy peasy? Definitely.

But 840g per month is too slow, right? Unless you need to lose only 1-2kgs and you are not limited in time by your own wedding, this is too slow.

What happens if we add workouts?

With moderate workouts, mostly cardio, fat consumption doubles, and the body burns about 100g of fat per day. If you still consume only 20g of fat per day, it means you will lose 80g of fat each day, 560g of fat each week, and 2 kgs 240g of fat each month.

How to make your workouts more efficient?

Try low intensity fitness – an exercise approach that allows you to burn fat during every workout session, and after it, as well, without overstraining yourself. The key is to find the sweet spot of fitness intensity personally for you.

Learn more on low intensity fitness in my Book. You can actually start reading it FOR FREE right now:

If you manage to cut fat (only fat!) consumption to 5g per day – which is a teaspoon of flaxseed oil – and make your workouts a bit more intensive, you will lose about 100g of fat per day, which is close to 1kg per week and 4 kgs per month. Two months, and you will lose 8 kgs of fat.

This would be a very good result. You still have to manage the weight plateau phenomenon and keep your motivation in place. However, this is what you ARE ABLE to achieve, realistically.


You will be able to make a cocky statement and announce a goal that fuels you with motivation.

You will be able to immediately be proud of yourself and imagine yourself much slimmer just in four weeks.

You will be able to get a lot of Instagram comments saying “Go girl!”, “You can do it!”

You will be able to cry in the bathroom out of despair.

You will be able to throw your weights against the wall when you see nothing changes in your body.

You will be able to hate yourself after each meal.

You will be able to avoid dates.

You will be able to delete all your previous posts in Instagram, being ashamed that you failed to achieve your goal, and ignore questions about how your weightloss goes.

You will be able to understand that you are too weak, stupid and miserable, and unable to accomplish a simple task.



You will be able to have normal meals.

You will be able to do moderate workout.

You will be able to see results each week.

You will keep your motivation and inspiration.

You will enjoy how you feel.

You will get a lot of compliments and questions from people around.


Just do your math correctly and mind your goal.   

If you just want to lose weight quick to impress somebody, or to prove you can, well, there are many quick and unhealthy ways for that, and 99,9 percent guarantee you will immediately regain all your pounds back.

Yet, if you would like an efficient method, that would allow you to keep the result for months and years, keep in mind real abilities and limits of your body. Low intensity fitness will help you with the workout approach.

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