How To Lose 10 Pounds In A Week (No Bullshit!)


This is a no-bullshit post.  It is totally possible to lose 10 pounds in a week.

However, this is quite an achievement, so to win this lottery, you have to meet very specific criteria.

You are a lucky winner able to lose 10 pounds in a week if:

  • your overweight exceeds 20 kgs
  • you sweat a lot pretty much always
  • your belly is really big and swollen
  • you often have constipations

What, are you surprised? I’ll explain.

Lose 10 Pounds In A Week If…


The more fat the body accumulated, the easier it allows you to burn fat. It happens because swollen fat cells cannot hold the fat well, and easily let it into the bloodstream. The fatter you are, the more fat you actually burn. The slimmer you become, the better fat cells are able to hold the fat in place, so it is harder for you to make them let this fat into the bloodstream.

This explains the paradox why fat people can lose considerable weight in a short period of time, while slimmer people struggle to shed 2-3 pounds. The body tries to save its accumulations of energy, it doesn’t give a f*ck about your fashion standards or your personal opinion on your shape. The body’s task is to provide you with energy, so don’t be mad.

The fatter you are, the more fat you actually burn.

This, on the other hand, explains why really overweight people who eats a lot do not get their weight increased fast. If their weight grows, it grows really slowly, because the fat cells just cannot accept new fat and the body is forced to use it as energy for current physiological needs.


If you are sweaty, it means you have too much water accumulated in your tissues. (This rule does not work if you are skinny and sweaty, so please mind this). To remove excessive water, you should start with your diet and remove salt and spice from it. Salt and some spice, especially manufactured blends, are known to make the body accumulate water in cells.

After you fix your diet, check the condition of your heart and the whole cardiovascular system. If the heart is ok, you can start taking saunas once or twice a week. Sweating will allow you to lose weight caused by this excess water.

Make sure to use peeling shower gels before and after saunas, because your skin may have issues with elimination. Massage yourself and use natural cosmetics.

It is better to lose weight slower than to have heart issues.

Cardio exercises are another step to take if you want excessive water out. This is especially true if your heart condition does not allow you to visit sweatbath. Start with walking and increase speed gradually; make sure you feel well during the exercise and after it also. It is better to lose weight slower than to have heart issues. 

The best way to make your cardio efficient yet safe is follow the low intensity fitness method. Low intesity fitness approach helps to find the most preferable and effective fitness intesity mode that works personally for you, and enables to burn fat without overstraining.

Learn more about low intensity fitness in my Book. Actually, you can start reading it FOR FREE right now:

Constipations and Swollen Belly

Swollen belly, especially in case other parts of the body are comparatively normal, may mean different things, and if your belly is big and swollen, you should visit the doctor to make sure you don’t have health problems more serious than I expect.

What I expect is that you, as 80 percent of people in the world, suffer from constipation. If you poop less often than at least once a day, voila. Where do you think all the food you eat must go, if it does not go out? Check the volumes and guess where it is left (hint: it stays with you all the time).

In addition to the fact that old poop causes decay and infections inside your belly, it also weights like shit (pun intended!), well, okay, it weights really a lot. Richard Schulze tells about people having more than 10 kgs of poop in their intestine, so no kidding. 

There are people having more than 10 kgs of poop in their intestine, so no kidding.

The best you can do in this case is hydrocolonotherapy, or, if you are brave enough, do a simple enema with warm water. You can look for detailed instructions here.  


Why these conditions are crucial to be able to lose 10 pounds in a week? Because 10 pounds is pretty much a big number. If you want to lose 10 pounds in a week, and you do not fit those criteria I listed, you will not succeed; this is unrealistic for you.

If you do not meet those criteria and still want to lose 10 pounds in a week, I know what you will most probably try.

You can start following a new super-diet that will send you into a vicious cycle of losing weight and regaining it back. Diets never work, remember?

You can start fasting and lose your skin tissues and muscle, and still spin into the yo-yo effect.

You can start working out like crazy, but the body burns only specific amount of fats per day and you will not be able to lose 10 pounds in a week only exercising.

So if you are not overweight, sweaty, or constipated, and still want to get slimmer, go here.

But if you meet the criteria I have listed…

You know what to do now.  

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