How Much Time Is Needed To Lose Weight Fast

Do you want to lose weight fast? Most people do.

Yesterday I was scrolling down my Instagram feed and noticed a pic under hashtag “fitnessjourney” or smth like that, of a woman losing weight according to some popular program. She demonstrated her back and upper arms “before” and “after”, visually losing about maybe 3 kgs… after 76 weeks.

I checked again.

76 weeks.

I was like “wuuut”…

Maybe she wanted to say 7-6 weeks? But nobody says 7-6.

76 weeks Carl!

I don’t know what was lower than her upper back, I can assess only what was demonstrated.

So, sweating and grunting and I guess dieting during 76 weeks to get result that small?

I don’t think this is even an accomplishment worth of sharing, like, some people can go to the toilet and lose the same weight in one go, come on!

I bet she is proud, perhaps the situation was much worse before. But I wonder if this woman, or any person at all who puts great efforts into their workouts and dieting have ever thought how much time do they need to lose weight? To lose a specific number of kgs/lbs? 

Have they actually asked for a prognosis from their coaches and decided whether this or that system is actually time-, money-, and effort-efficient? Is it worth jumping into a program, following a diet, spending your time and money in a gym, to lose like 1 kg per month? And if you have 10kgs of excess weight, now what – to live in a regimen like this for a year? 

But how to lose weight fast? And how fast you can actually do it?

Lose Weight Fast: Time And Efficiency

Well, Ivanka, – you can tell me, – to get a lasting result you have to devote time and effort blah-blah…


You don’t.

I mean you do, but this money, time and effort should be justified.

I would have been pissed off to change my whole lifestyle for a YEAR to get rid of some 3-5 kgs. I’d love to lose weight fast instead. 

It is like you’re coming to a shop and you’re like I would like to buy a dress. The salesperson goes “oh, nice, you can do that. Please pay us $500 a month for 6 months and you will be able to buy a dress”. And you pay them this money without even asking what kind of dress you will get at the end! You just HOPE the dress will be ok… maybe not that killing you wanted it to be, perhaps you should pay them $500 more for another month?

This is how it looks like.

To understand what kind of result you are to expect, let’s talk numbers.

Lose Weight Fast: You Burn One Tablespoon of Fat…

…every day.

On average, human body burns about 40g of fat each day on its current needs like creating new cells membranes, oiling the skin and hair, the joints, providing some energy to muscles, and so on and so forth. So, whatever you eat, you burn about 35-40 grams of fat on a daily basis.

If you are really overweight, you burn more fat, simply because the swollen fat cells release fat into bloodstream more easily. However, this rarely stimulates slimming, because if you are already fat, than your general daily fat intake exceeds what you are able to burn many times.

An interesting fact: if you eat enough fat each day for your daily needs, your underskin fat is not used by the body, at all. There is no necessity to use it.

So, we have, roughly, 30-40 grams a day. It means that if you reduce the amount of fat in your diet to minimum, you will be able to lose about 300 grams of fat in 10 days, or about 1kg of fat in a month, WITHOUT WORKOUT. It means that in 6 months, you are likely to be much better in terms of excess weight, making no additional efforts, only stable well-developed diet.

If you add workouts to your dieting, the amount of fat that will be burned on a daily basis becomes close to 100 grams. Yes, you read me right – with correct dieting and workouts, you will be able to lose about 1 kg a week, about 4 kgs a month, and about 12 kgs in three months only. These are real numbers. This is a lose weight fast path.  

Lose Weight Fast: When There Is No Spoon

If this is as easy, why people struggle with being overweight so much?

Well, firstly, it is their diet. Most people have no idea about nutrition that will help them lose weight fast. Sometimes, the propagated “healthy” nutrition will not lead to weight loss at all, while juicing, fasting and all this advanced stuff can cause weight cycling in people who start doing that unprepared.

Secondly, it is the weight plateau stage. After following the diet for some time, most people notice that their weight loss doesn’t go so well as in the beginning. They start to panic and usually do the same mistake – tighten screws with their calorie intake, freak out, get into yo-yo dieting loop, and end up as disappointed binge-eaters. One has to be prepared to the plateau stage and know how to manage it.

Thirdly, it is the workouts. Whatever you do, even if you do not go for heavy lifting, your muscles will grow (at least a bit), and will become stronger, which means denser and, as a result, somewhat heavier. So the further you go down that weight losing road, the stronger you become, the more fat you burn. However, on the background of muscles becoming somewhat heavier, the weight loss, visually, slows down. Again, some people begin to freak out, do stupid things, and never get to the desired result. If you want to lose weight fast, don’t rush to grow your muscle mass. 

Fourthly, please take into account that with time, the body stops releasing fat from its fat depots so easily. It is part of survival mechanism preventing our bodies from atrophy. So, if you keep to the regimen for three months, the fastest results will be on your first month. Again, do not freak out, stick to the plan, help and support your body, and just wait. Give it some time to do what you need, and to adapt. Eventually, your body have tolerated your awful eating and habits for years, now it is your turn to be patient.

Also, if you have excess of water in your tissues, the water will go away in the first place, so the weight loss in terms of kgs may be tremendous during the first month, and not so impressive on the following months. But the following months are crucial, because this is the time when you actually burn fat.

The slower you move, the more stable result you get – but make sure this is not too slow. Losing 1 kg per month is what my grandma can do watering her carrots in the garden, without all your fancy dieting and crossfit shit.

Fifthly, with time, people lose motivation, for different reasons. Some, seeing that everything goes fine and according to the plan, start ignoring their dieting rules and get cheat meal days too often. Other people face the plateau stage or weight loss slowing down and just claim that everything was useless, so there is no sense in keeping to the program further. Some people still just get tired of all this stuff, even despite their positive results. Cases are different. People want to lose weight fast, but too fast is impossible. 

What I know for sure is that if you do your math correctly, you will be able to realistically assess how much weight you can lose for how much time. If you can do only dieting – it will take a bit more time. If you can do only workouts – you will probably be in a good shape faster, but the weight loss will be really slow. If you stick to the full plan for 3-5 months, you will be ready for your modelling career.

The final thought here is to move according to your own tempo, but always double-check whether there is a more efficient way of doing things. 

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