Lose Weight: Week 1 Summary

This was the first week of Weight Loss Marathon.

I entered the weight loss marathon part with the weight of 57,5 kgs / 126,8 lbs, and soon after that I travelled to Western Ukraine to see my relatives. So now I honestly do not know how much do I weight. I will find out about my weight as soon as I come back to Kyiv. 

weight loss

These days, I walk a lot, covering all the distance between the houses of my relatives – my aunt and uncle, my sister, and my grandmother – on foot. Also, I have a small nephew here and he does not allow me to sit in one place.

While I do not know how my weight changes, I will not be disappointed much even if I find out I haven’t lost much during this week. The point is, a lot of walking and breathing fresh air makes me stronger; I feel better with each day. This is a form of self care, so if you also want to lose weight, do what makes you feel fresher and stronger.

Interaction with children, animals, and nature in general is a powerful healing cure for both body and soul. Every time I come back to this village in Western Ukraine, I feel like becoming a year younger with each passing day.


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