Lose Weight: Week 2 Summary

My whole week 2 was spent in the village where my relatives live.

Only once I had a possibility to check my weight, being fully dressed, including warm socks, because it was very, very cold.

cold spring, cold weather

I walked about two miles each day, or rode a bicycle, visiting my grandma on the other end of the village. I also worked a lot, and had no time (and desire) to eat more than I needed.

Moderate physical training – in my case, walking – supress appetite a lot. As a result, I have lost about 2 lbs (not sure, will double-check my weight more carefully on week 3).


Also, cool to really cold weather stimulates weight loss very effectively. The body needs energy to support proper temperature, so if you are properly dressed (but not overdressed sweating under 10 hoodies), walking or other outside activities will stimulate the fat burning.

Fresh air is another aspect that was useful, since oxygen increases the fat burning processes.

Together, all those aspects helped me lose some weight without much efforts.

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