Lose Weight: Week 3 Summary

Day 1 – 57,3 kgs

Day 7 – 56,1 kgs 

Week 3 showed a good progress as I managed to lose 1,2 kgs. I paid special attention to my diet, because at home, I have no opportunity to move physically as much and for such lengthy periods of time as I could in the village. Of course I do my workouts, but I wished I could spend more time being physically active.

So, since physical activity decreased, I had to balance my eating more, to support the deficit of calories and stimulate fat burning. Plus, I do some beauty procedures that also stimulate blood circulation and metabolism.

It was pretty cold in Kyiv this whole week, but cold is good when you want to lose weight, because the body burns more energy to support proper temperature.

Overall, however, I seem to lag behind my schedule of weight loss, and this is totally understandable. I have always said that I am good at weight gain, while have to struggle for weight loss. Hope week 4 will be more efficient, since I am taking strict control over my diet.

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