Lose Weight: Week 4 Summary

Day 1 – 56,1 kgs / 123.7 lbs

Day 7 – 55,8 kgs / 123 lbs

As it becomes crystal clear from measurements during Week 4, I was dead stuck in the weight loss plateau.

Although this might be surprising for some people whom I tell that I am a weight loss expert, this is not a surprise for me.

If I disappoint you, I am sorry, but weight loss plateau is something no one can avoid, even the expertest expert in weight loss.

I have written about weight loss plateau here earlier, because I have stumbled upon this phenomenon several times during my personal weight loss efforts in the past. This stuff is always the same – you do everything you did before, and everything that was effective in the previous weeks (or months), but the weight just stops decreasing.

This happens because sometimes, our bodies do not belong to conscious us. Sometimes, more often than not, conscious us belong totally to our bodies. There are mechanisms that cause the weight loss plateau, and they cannot be changed. You can only act in agreement with your body and not against it.

Most people trying to lose weight in fact start acting against their bodies 

Instead of trying to understand their condition, they do one of the two things (and both are wrong):

  1. they become embarrassed, disappointed, full of shame, angry, mad at themselves, and eventually just quit the weight loss process. They think it is something wrong with them, if they cannot lose weight anymore.
  2. they are more or less aware what is weight loss plateau, and come to the conclusion they need to decrease the amount of consumed energy even more, to create the calorie deficit again. This shit does not work and here I explain why. This shit will most probably throw you into the weight cycling process and you will be totally disoriented in a short amount of time.


Well, which way should I choose?

Exactly because I am a weight loss and management expect, I will take the third and the wisest way:

3) give myself more time and

4) apply additional strategy

Yes, you hear me right. I have announced that my weight loss process will take 6 weeks, and I will lose all excess weight till May 15th.

Instead, I will give myself one more week.

Or even two.


Are you disappointed with me? Are you angry with me? Are you thinking “What kind of weight loss expert she is if she can’t achieve her own goals?

I am the best weight loss expect, because I am a live human being with the body just like yours, which has its own tempo and reactions, and which can be reluctant and unwilling to lose weight.

I am the best weight loss expert, because I will show you how not to be ashamed or afraid that you do not meet the exact results in exact time.

I am the best weight loss expert, because instead of showing you the “punish yourself” way, I will show you the “love yourself” way of weight loss.


This is all real. I am not a plastic doll, I am alive and dealing with live body. And I want to share with you all the knowledge how to celebrate your efforts and eventually reach the results without violence over yourself.


So this is me, the weight loss expert that seems to be failing to lose all the weight I wanted by the time I announced. Now, I will give myself more time, without feeling embarrassed, because this is what I want you to learn:

Love yourself

Act in agreement with your body

Give yourself time

Allow your body to adapt as slowly as it wants

Never punish yourself for mistakes or “dragging behind”

Never compare yourself with “more successful” others 

These are the concepts I follow at all times, and you can read more on self-caring weight loss in my Weight Loss Book on Kindle. Start reading it here:

Always have Plan B and Plan C 

And if you also need some additional motivation for weight loss, check out this post as well.

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