Lose Weight: Week 5 Summary

Day 1 – 55,9 kgs / 123.2 lbs

Day 7 – 55,4 kgs / 122.1 lbs

Very tiny progress this week due to dead stop in the weight loss plateau. However, at least this time I know the exact reason why.

During the last week, I was stuck in the true weight loss plateau. The amount of calories I burned became the same with the amount of calories I consumed, so the process of losing weight stopped. If I was not pressed by the Marathon deadline, I would have given myself a break in the process and just allowed my body to adapt. However, I was limited in time, so I had to struggle and go on. 

When you hit a weight loss plateau, the first reaction is embarrassment and misunderstanding – I am doing all the same things that I have been doing for a while now, and they worked. Why don’t they work now?

Since, as I already said, I am a cool weight loss expert, I know exactly what NOT to do, and what TO DO.

So, last week, by the end of the week, the situation started to change and I felt that the weight loss process continued.

Yet, this week I found out I have been stuck in one place again! What the hell!

I have to confess I felt desperate for a moment (or, to be more accurate, for a day).

I thought – maybe I am becoming older and my metabolism slows down? (Meh

Maybe I am still eating too much? (believe me, I don’t)

Maybe I should workout more? (this won’t help much)

Maybe I should just surrender and quit?

In other words, I have experienced all the desperate thoughts and doubts an average weight losing person does when hitting the plateau.

Luckily, I knew all these thoughts were wrong, and that any of the steps is wrong. In reality, when you hit a weight loss plateau, the best option is to breathe out, take an emotional break, stop watching the weight, and just continue all the routines you previously did. I know very well how the number on the weight scale can spoil the whole day.

In fact, what saved me on my way to correct guess was a visit to the dentist. I had to undergo a major procedure, so the doctor gave me a good shot of anesthesia. But the shot did not really work, as it usually does. We waited and waited, but nothing happened, I was as sensitive as always. So the doctor asked me “When do you expect your period?”, and I said “In about a week or so”, and the doctor said “Okay, maybe this is the reason why the medication is less effective”. So she gave me another shot and it worked this time.

When I came back home, I thought about my weight loss plateau and about the period and thought “Maybe this is the reason why I do not lose weight anymore, despite all my efforts and following the program?

I know my body pretty well, so I started examining myself. I recalled that during the last few days, I had the following symptoms:

  • increased appetite, despite my smart strategy to avoid being hungry
  • increased lower belly volume, despite my fitness efforts and very careful diet
  • my breasts became a bit bigger, despite actual weight loss
  • I experienced slight pain in the lower back
  • I was very quick-tempered the previous days

I also checked my calendar and yeah.

All my weight loss plateau this week was due to the premenstrual syndrome.

Premenstrual syndrome is one of the pitfalls of weight loss for females, because most women will experience hardships losing weight in about one week before period, during period, and several days after the period is over. These days, women tend to eat more, experience mood swings, food becomes a powerful source of positive emotions. Fitness can be hard or uncomfortable, or just ineffective.

Many women, including me, tend to notice some swelling in the lower belly, despite healthy diet, and despite all fitness efforts in the world. The body accumulates water very actively these days, and there is nothing to be done, even sweating during the workout or in sauna does not help much. These are the realities of female weight loss.

As soon as I understood that the main reason of my weight loss plateau was premenstrual syndrome, and not my personal fails, I calmed down. Of course, this means I will fail to lose weight by the deadline, but, I will not force my body to do the impossible, and losing weight during period is close to impossible.

I will continue to push forward and lose more weight. I feel slight pain in my lower belly as I write these lines, so the period must be really close. I hope, in a week I will see rapid results in weight loss.

And I also wrote a post on how to manage the weight loss plateau, you can find it here.

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