Lose Weight: Week 6 Summary

Day 1 – 55.8 kgs / 123 lbs

Day 7 – 54.5 kgs / 120.2 lbs

This week was pretty successful in terms of weight loss. Since I play the role of guinea pig, and experience all the processes in real time, I do recall some crucial rules of weight loss immediately while I am going through this or that stage. I have lost weight successfully before, but I have never tried to somehow systematize the whole bunch of information. This is why I decided to go through the Marathon – to recall all the actual rules, pitfalls, and tips, and also to show how one can easily gain or lose weight.

There were three new rules I started to follow this week for the sake of overcoming the weight loss plateau.

Firstly, I have tweaked my diet and added bigger volumes of food.

Yeah, you hear me right, not smaller volumes. Bigger volumes.

I started eating more, not less.

The main secret is the type of food you eat. The more correct is the type of food, the bigger volumes you can eat for the sake of fullness and comfort. This week, I literally stuffed myself with big meals twice a day, and the weight was still lost.

The second rule was locality of weight loss.

Belly and sides are my problematic area, mostly, so I added homemade wrappings on my belly during the workout. This allowed me to heat this area more intensively and sweat more on belly and sides. I think I need to check my waistline tomorrow.

The third secret was adding a bit more workout, but of a very specific type.

I worked out not more than 40 minutes per day, once a day, each day in the morning (but this can be done any time, just it is easier for me to workout in the morning while everybody else is sleeping and not bothering me). Such a powerful start of each day kept me burning fat all day, mostly on belly and sides, and I could comfort myself with enough tasty food.

All secrets of such comfortable weight loss via low to medium intensity fitness are now available in my Weight Loss Book. You can start reading it here: 

And the next week is my bonus week that I have given to myself just because I love myself. I wasted two weeks in the weight loss plateau, but this is the pitfall nobody is immune to. So instead of becoming ashamed of myself, depressed, angry, and embarrassed, I did what all people in the weight loss plateau should do. I gave myself more time. So the next week, hopefully, will take about 1.5 kgs of weight from me, and I will be near to perfectly ready for the summer season.

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