Lose Weight: Week 7 Summary

Day 1 – 54.8 kgs / 120.8 lbs

Day 7 – 53.4 kgs / 117.7 lbs

The beginning of the week was not very successful, mostly because the weight continued to jump back and forth. The smaller is your weight in general, the more sensitive it is to anything you have IN your body. Meaning you can drink a cup of water, or forget to go to the WC before checking the weight, and voila, you have 2 lbs more than yesterday! This can be very depressing, of course. This is why we have to remember all those things.

However, I remained calm all the time because I know the “two steps forward, one step back” pattern of weight loss. It always works this way; with weight gain, the process is more straightforward.

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I attended a business conference, Laboratory of Online Business-2019, and these were three very busy and exciting days. I spent lots of time sitting and listening to the speakers, of course, but there was so much excitement and mental work, that I generally ate less than usual. Also, I attended the event with my old friend, and we spent lots of time walking and discussing during the breaks, and after each day of lecturing. So I also moved a lot.

The result is, by the end of Week 7, I reached the weight I had before I began this whole marathon thing.

Okay, 0,5 kgs more than the weight I had before I began this whole marathon thing.

But 0,5 kgs does not matter much, because I have still managed to take off 5,3 kgs / 11.6 lbs in 7 weeks!

I believe this is an outstanding result, especially considering that I generally spend most of my time sitting on my butt and writing (because writing is my job to make money).

Another rule of successful weight loss that I have coined after this Week 7 is as follows:

“Exciting and busy life is one of the main components of successful weight loss” 

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