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Why Kindle?

Purchasing Kindle eBooks, you always get access to your books quickly, and the books are of high quality.

The reason why I placed the book on Amazon Kindle is because I wanted to provide the best quality and the best Customer Support to everybody who would buy the book. Amazon is a well-known, safe, and reliable company, and its Kindle books are checked for quality and proper contect.

Buying from Kindle is super easy – you just go the Books page, press ‘Buy in one click‘, indicate your card number, and voila, the book is delivered to you immediately. Now, you can read it in perfect quality anywhere, and any time, from your mobile devices.

My Books 

I am a weight management expert, and from my own experience I know how much our beauty depends on healthy and strong body. Whether you want to lose weight, or gain weight, your shape is a big chunk of the overal impression you make.

I also believe that body care and weight management, while being important, must not take 50 percent of your time. That is why I pursue an approach that allows to achieve desired body shapes in a reasonable and doable way.

Moreover, I strongly believe that the results can be kept and supported for years in an ‘autopilot mode’, putting minimum effort into this aspect, and leaving time and energy for other things.

This is why I decided to share my approach and methods in books rather than posts; every book comprises a full and elaborate system, clear milestones, and comprehensive steps to take. Explaining all this stuff in blog posts would have been chaotic.

Currently, the following books are available:

Low to Medium Intensity Fitness: Lose Weight and Enjoy It


How To Gain Healthy Weight Without Gym 

There is a second Weight Loss Book I plan to write in the nearest future, this time on dieting – I think I will call it “You Can Eat Everything and Lose Weight”, or something like that.

Meanwhile, you can start reading my already available books in the widgets below, free of charge.

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