My Weight Gain Experience In Pics

I decided to collect the majority of my photos from the Weight Gain Marathon in one post.

In February 2019, I decided to launch a Weight Gain Marathon for myself, to double check my system of weight gain and prove it works fast and fine. However, the response to my weight gain posts was so immense, that I allowed people from my Weight Gain Challenge to enroll to the Marathon as well, so we have gone through this experience together.

Unfortunately, I don’t think sharing other people’s pic is okay, so I want to share my own.

Also, I am stupid and started indicating my weight on the pic only after some time passed. Sorry.

So, this is where I started. 52,7 kgs / 116,2 lbs

By the end of week 1, my weight was 54 kgs / 119 lbs, which is a pretty cool result. I was enthusiastic enough to even do makeup lol.

By the end of week 2, my weight was 54,4 kgs / 119,9 lbs. The progress is less visible, because I hit a mini weight gain plateau.

By the end of week 3, my weight was 55.8 kgs / 123 lbs.

The next week, on Day 7 of Week 4, my weight already was 56.4 kgs / 124.3 lbs. You can see I am considerably bigger on the pic below, and while my belly is the most outstanding part of me here, my butt and boobs became bigger as well. I have to say getting bigger butt and breasts was a pleasant experience.

Week 5 was over with the weight of 57.4 kgs / 126.lbs

And the last week, Week 6, brought the result of 58.5 kgs / 129 lbs

The overall result of weight gain after 6 weeks was 5.8 kgs /12.7 lbs.

I could actually gain 10 kgs, to make the number more impressive, but it meant another 5-6 weeks, and moreover, I had to buy additional clothes, because already being 129 lbs I was close to stop fitting into the majority of my clothes. Buying new stuff was not in my plan, and I launched the Weight Loss part of the Marathon.

Now, if you believe gaining 5.8 kgs / 12.7 lbs is NOT MUCH (as one of my friends said), just check out this pic

And this is in comparison to human body…

What are the conclusions?

Firstly, you can gain healthy weight (fat) pretty fast. A month or two is enough to increase the weight. To achieve such results, check out my Weight Gain Book. You can start reading it here:

Secondly, gainging weight through diet is easier and faster that through workout.

Thirdly, never allow people to devalue your results. For me, gaining or losing 5 kgs is a lot of weight, and a lot of work on self.

What should also be noted is the type of fat accumulation each particular person has. I tend to gain weight in butt, belly, and breasts, and if I really wanted to keep the bigger shapes, I would have continued to gain weight, and then corrected the waist and belly via smart workout.

Other girls will notice more active weight gain in thights and butt, other still – in face, arms, and breasts. So my shapes are not due to the system of weight gain, but due to my individual peculiarities. When you start gaining weight, you will see your own body’s peculiarities, and therefore, will need to correct the shapes accordingly. This is how it is always done.

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