My Weight Loss Experience In Pics


To illustrate the Weight Loss Part of my Marathon which took place in spring 2019, I collected all pics of my journey as I lost weight.

If you want to know what’s the whole thing is about, it is about how I managed to lose 5,3 kgs / 11.6 lbs in 7 weeks working on a sedentary job

When the II part of the Marathon started, I went to the village to visit my relatives. Even though I could use the weights, I couldn’t do it without clothes for the reason I had to travel all the way around the house from my room to the room where the weights were. So I spend a week and a half there and basically had no idea what was my weight, I could just see that I become slimmer. Here is the pic tho

After the first half of Week 1 and also after Week 2, I eventually came back home and could check the weight.

Week 3 Day 1 – 57,3 kgs

Week 3 Day 7 – 56,1 kgs

During Week 3, I started to notice that I am quite behind my weight loss schedule (because I planned to get back to my normal weight by May 15th). This was totally understandable for me, because, as I have always said, I am awesome at gaining weight, but naturally very bad at losing it, regardless of people around me say.

So I had to pay even more attention to my diet and physical activity.

Week 4 Day 1 – 56,1 kgs / 123.7 lbs

Week 4 Day 7 – 55,8 kgs / 123 lbs

This was a harsh week, because I understood that I hit a dead weight loss plateau (this is the thing 99 percent of people face when losing weight). My weight did not decrease, and some days, I found out it even increased a bit.

I wasn’t desperate, because I know how it all goes. However, I was aware people actualy watch me losing weight to prove my approach. Therefore, my lagging behind the schedule doesn’t look good; I was not worried about myself, but I was worried that people I could potentially be helpful to will become disappointed in my approach.

However, I had no choice. There is no way of forcing the body to lose weight if it does not feel like it. So I decided to give myself one more week.

This is what every sane person should do in case of weight loss plateau. Instead of forcing self, better give self more time to adapt.

Week 5 Day 1 – 55,9 kgs / 123.2 lbs

Week 5 Day 7 – 55,4 kgs / 122.1 lbs

Week 5 was an interesting experience, too, because despite the fact that I took all the necessary action to manage the weight loss plateau, the weight loss progress was tiny. I was lucky because I went to the dentist and then I recalled that inability to lose weight fast was also partially caused by my upcoming period. This explained everything.

I relaxed and allowed my body to function as it did. We girls definitely have more factors to keep in mind when losing weight, in comparison with boys.

Week 6 Day 1 – 55.8 kgs / 123 lbs

Week 6 Day 7 – 54.5 kgs / 120.2 lbs

This week, all my efforts eventually gave results, and I managed to continue to lose weight pretty quickly.

The next pic really shows how much smaller I became.

Week 7

Day 1 – 54.8 kgs / 120.8 lbs

Day 7 – 53.4 kgs / 117.7 lbs

By the end of Week 7, my weight was 53.4 kgs, which means that I managed to lose 5,3 kgs / 11.6 lbs in 7 weeks. I believe this is a very cool result.

I know most people believe it is possible to lose 10 kgs in one month, and they want to achieve this goal that fast.

However, the truth is, it is impossible in the majority of cases. I have lost 5,3 kgs in 1,5 months and honestly, that was pretty fast. If I was totally free of my job I could do it even quicker, but I spend lots of time sitting. So, I cannot teach you how to lose 10 kgs in one month, but if you would love to lose 5 kgs in 1,5 months and forever, this is what I can share.

One of the main components of my weight loss journey was smart fitness strategy. However, as a copywriter I cannot run around for days burning this fat. So, my choice was low to medium intensity fitness – a workout approach that allows to spend less time and effort on exercise, still achieving amazing results.

In my Weight Loss Book on Kindle, I reveal all secrets and practical rules of low to medium intensity fitness. With this knowledge, you will be able to lose and control your  weight without considerable effort, and even without gym.

You can actually start reading my book for free here:

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