How To Start Lose Weight If Starting Feels Hard? Five Crucial Steps to Ultimate Success

You know you need it, but how to kick start weight loss? How to start lose weight at home? You can be ten times sure you want and need to lose some weight and get the shape you dream of. You know what kind of workouts, exercises, and skin care routines you are to perform in order to make your body fit. You know what kind of diet you are to follow, and you really expect great result out of it. But…

You can’t force yourself to start.

You go to bed each night telling yourself that TOMORROW gonna be THE DAY.

But the next morning, you wake up not in the best mood, you feel stressed about changing anything in your daily routine, and you decide “Not today”.

This repeats again and again, and slowly you are starting to hate yourself for being so flabby.

Is this about you?

Well, it’s about me as well.

I am very good at researching, and I can develop a perfect strategy, but will hesitate to start action. It took me some time to figure out how to make a quick start.

This is why I have developed this guide to help you conquer this ascent step by step.

How To Start Lose Weight Step 1. Stop Being Perfectionist

If to think about it, to acquire the perfect body you want, you have to get up at 5 am, meditate, do yoga, then go jogging. When you come back, you should take a cold shower, apply a mask, massage your feet and palms, then massage your “problem areas” and apply creams. Don’t forget to wash your face with icy water.

Then make a smoothie for breakfast, and eat only healthy home-made food all day. In the lunch time, you have to go outside and walk for half an hour, to stimulate your metabolism. After you come home, you should do your evening yoga, skip supper, drink herbal tea, meditate, massage, cosmetics, and go to sleep at 10 pm.

Yeah, this is a perfect pink ponies and butterflies world. 

In reality, most people hardly manage their daily responsibilities with their schedule, and it is a success if they remember to eat their lunch on time. Another type of people sits at home all day, watching TV or surfing the web, eats junk food and goes out mainly to buy some more junk food.

The common feature of these two kinds of people is that the approach I have described is NOWHERE close to their current lifestyle, and therefore, they can dream about their perfect fit daily schedule, but the probability of them bringing it to life is zero in 99 percent of cases.

However, the funniest thing is that this “perfectly fit and healthy” lifestyle described is also nowhere near to the 90 percent of real people who actually do their workouts and follow their diet. Unless they are professional athletes, they mostly spend their time working, hanging out with family and friends, and managing their daily issues.  

The picture you have created in your head is a mirage. You DON’T NEED to live like that, and it has nothing to do with efficiency (because efficiency means max result during min time and effort) of weight loss, and it has little to do with happier life you want for yourself. 

Working 24/7 for becoming rich, having no time for actually living looks like a poor strategy.

Working 24/7 for losing weight (merely!), having no time for anything else is definitely a poor strategy. 

How to start lose weight if you are perfectionist?

Rule #1. Stop drawing a perfect picture of how your fit life should look like. In reality, it may end up looking totally different and – surprise! – much better.

Destroy this perfect picture.

Destroyed it?

Let’s move on. 

How To Start Lose Weight Step 2. Stop Being Overwhelmed 

You still understand that you have to do a number of things to get a fitter and healthier body. Since you lack movement and lead a sedentary lifestyle, you definitely need to start jogging each day or each second day, or go to the gym, or start doing yoga (stop here, turn off your perfectionist voice squeaking “better do all together!” and continue reading).

Since your current diet has resulted in excess weight, you definitely want to change your eating habits, start eating breakfast and stop eating supper (I’m just listing the common things people do, I don’t actually recommend skipping supper), eat smaller portions, eat more fruit and less junk food. 

Since fat and weight reduction suggests a change in body sizes, you may want to apply cosmetic procedures to prevent skin sagging, and you definitely need to take cold showers to stimulate metabolism.

You may also want to do some health-related procedures, like fasting once a week, doing a vitamines course, visiting your doctor, etc.

All this looks like a huge piece of DOING. What is worse, most of these things require DOING every day. 

When people imagine the amount of work they think they need to go, the first reaction is not a burst of energy, but procrastination. This is a natural reaction of the brain, it hopes that if it sits still for some time, part of the problems will go away on their own.

Partially, this is true. If you sit still and quiet for enough time, you will become too old and unhealthy to do workouts, and too unattractive to take care about your looks anymore.

To avoid this fate, stop being overwhelmed. 

First, define your priorities and your possibilities. You may want to address health issues first: visit your doctors and go through tests if you need to. Check the condition of your body, perhaps ask your family doctor to advise on vitamins course. If you have critical issues, face those at last. Perhaps you will continue your weight loss procrastination, but at least you will become healthier.

Then, assess what is the most realistic things for you to do. If you definitely don’t consider taking cold showers in the nearest future, just move this to the end of the list. Relieve the pressure you create upon yourself, and list the things you are actually to do, from the most important and the most crucial, to the less important or the ones you are not likely to do. 

How to start lose weight if you are overwhelmed?

Rule #2. Don’t try to start doing all at once.

How To Start Lose Weight Step 3. Fear of Failure

Perhaps you have already tried to lose weight.

Perhaps you have already succeeded, and everybody was complimenting you on your new fit shape, and your Grandma was horrified by your “undernourished” looks.

Perhaps you were proud of yourself and promised yourself you will never be that fat guy again.

But then you suddenly found yourself gaining weight, and ended up with even more than before.

You are aware that you need to start all over again, because this is not the shape and not the life you actually wanted for yourself. However, something holds you back and you can’t manage it. 

The first issue is you being afraid that the second time, you may fail in losing weight. That perhaps the previous time was an accident, a happy coincidence, and that stars were just aligned this way. Perhaps you were much younger, or you were passionately in love, or lived in a different country.

Obviously, you can’t bring this same condition back, so you naturally doubt whether the potential result is worth the efforts. What if you fail to lose weight for the second time? And even if you succeed again, what if the weight cycling turns on, again? 

This fear of failure is natural, and basically there is no method to overcome it and make this resistance disappear. You will have to act despite this fear and resistance, you will need to simply be aware it is present, and just ignore it. 

Just ignore it. It lies to you. Just go by and do your thing. 

One good phrase to soothe yourself is repeating “I will only try”. You don’t state cocky goals you will be ashamed not to reach, you don’t make promises you will be ashamed to break. When fear and resistance build up, simply tell yourself “I am just trying now. Moreover, I will not be mad at myself and disappointed in case I fail this time. I will just try another method”.

Always remind yourself there are hundreds of approaches. When you state for yourself that you are simply attempting and testing the approach, you decrease the value and importance of your endeavor, and it stops seeming SO HUGE and unreachable. 

So, how to start lose weight if you are afraid of failure?

Rule #3. Ignore your fear and resistance. Decrease the importance of your endeavor; keep repeating “I will only try this, if I don’t like it, or it doesn’t work, I’ll quit and try another method”. 

The second reason why people who have already succeeded to lose weight once are hesitant about the second time is that you have probably made so much effort before, and the process was so hard and exhausting, that you just don’t know whether you are ready to go through it all again, just to get the result you can lose so easily. This leads us to step 4.

How To Start Lose Weight Step 4. Start With Pleasant Things

People hesitate before doing two types of things: unfamiliar and unpleasant.

I have no problem walking for several miles a day when I’m on vacation and exploring new places. I have no problem not eating for the whole day when I’m snowboarding (because I will have to take all the weight of the food with me, up and down). I have no problem making smoothies in the morning.

These things are familiar to me, and are quite pleasant. 

I have no problem eating chips and chocolate. I have no problem watching a new movie, even if perhaps it is rubbish. I have no problem meeting friends in shisha bar. I do massage and apply natural masks without hesitation.

These things are definitely pleasant. 

However, I hate running. I also hate weightlifting. These are familiar, but unpleasant to me, so I won’t probably start doing either activity for the sake of weight loss (never engage in an activity you dislike only for the sake of weight loss).

I will hesitate if offered to try skiing. I don’t think I will ever try boxing. These are unfamiliar and I don’t think I will enjoy them. 

So, what is the bottom line?

People rarely hesitate to do something pleasant, something they can enjoy immediately after they start doing it. So, start with things that are pleasant. Start with massage and cosmetics. Start from going to bed earlier. Start from walking with your friend in the evening.

You can limit the foods you don’t really care about (for example, if you are indifferent to cheeses, just don’t eat cheese when it happens to be in your meal), and allow yourself more yummy healthy food you enjoy. 

You can also do a good job by keeping the pleasure but changing the source. If you are a sweet tooth, just replace sweets you usually eat (and probably gain weight) by sweets you can eat without risk of gaining weight (you can subscribe to get the list of sweet things you can eat in any quantities, gaining zero fat!).

Look at your list of activities for weight loss and think what activity will bring you the biggest physical pleasure, immediately. Choose these and do them first. This way, you get a row of benefits:

  • you actually start action, yay!
  • you start doing things to lose weight
  • you enjoy what you do, your life becomes more pleasant now
  • you destroy the stereotype that losing weight means exhausting efforts
  • you develop a new belief in your mind that losing weight is pleasant, and it is easy to start. 

So, how to start lose weight if you believe it is tiring?

Rule #4. Start from pleasant things that will bring you IMMEDIATE PHYSICAL PLEASURE.

There are also unfamiliar things and activities that you have not tried yet. The only thing to manage them is to give them a try, once. If you are ok, look for ways to make unfamiliar things pleasant and enjoy. If you don’t like the activity, you can remove it altogether, or move it to the end of the list if you consider it important. 

How To Start Lose Weight Step 5. Necessary Evil

If the whole thing of working out and dieting routine seems generally unpleasant to you and you can’t force yourself to start, you are probably aware of the benefits the healthy and fit lifestyle will bring you, but the discomforts seem too high. 

If you start with pleasant things, as described above, your general mood will definitely improve. Immediate physical pleasure develops a positive acquired conditioned reflex, and you associate all activities for the sake of weight loss as “easy to do” and “pleasant”.

However, there will be several activities that you hate doing, and still, you are aware they can’t be simply skipped. For example, I hate squats, but without squats, it will be almost impossible to keep the glutes fit. So, I define squats as my “necessary evil” and just tolerate this, because I do a lot of other things that I love and consider pleasant. 

Define your necessary evils (again, kill that perfectionist voice telling you “everything is necessary!”, unless your list contains only 3 points, of course), and put them between two activities you enjoy. This method will prevent you from developing a stable negative reaction to a specific activity. 

So, how to start lose weight and manage unpleasant activities?

Rule #5. Define several “necessary evils” and stick to them, doing these activities between pleasant activities. Don’t increase the number of your necessary evils too fast (or, try to make them enjoyable!).


So, let’s make a quick summary of what we have learned today, to avoid procrastination and start lose weight quickly:

  1. Stop being a perfectionist. It all can’t be so good as you imagine.
  2. Don’t be overwhelmed. It all is not that bad as you imagine.
  3. Ignore your fear and resistance. They lie to you. just don’t listen.
  4. Start from activities that bring immediate physical pleasure.
  5. Define several necessary evils and don’t engage in other activities that you find unpleasant, for now.


I hope this guide will be helpful! You can also email me and ask questions that these five steps fail to cover.  

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