Six Weeks Weight Gain Summary

gain weightWeek 6

Weight on Day 1 – 57,7 kgs / 127,2 lbs

Weight on Day 7 – 58,5 kgs / 129 lbs

Total gain – 0,8 kgs / 1,7 lbs


Weight gain results during the whole Weight Gain part:

Week 1 Day 1 – 52,7 kgs / 116,2 lbs

Week 6 Day 7 – 58,5 kgs / 129 lbs

Total gain in six weeks – 5,8 kgs / 12,7 lbs


These six weeks were life-changing in some aspects.

Firstly, I confirmed that my weight gain system works perfectly fine, it is easy to follow and gives fast and obvious results. I strongly believe that most people who follows the same method will be able to gain healthy weight fast – maybe not as fast as me, because I did it in the Marathon tempo, but about 4 lbs per month is absolutely possible.

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Secondly, I found out that I have breasts, ahaha! What a surprise, haven’t seen you guys for several years. Ok, ok, kidding, but generally yeah, my breasts became bigger and I guess I enjoy it. My hips and thighs are also bigger, and the interesting part is they are not flabby despite the fact that I gained mostly fat and not muscle. Instead, I feel really curvy and heavy and feminine.

Thirdly, I became aware how many women and young girls actually dream of gaining some weight! For me who fought with excess weight for years of my life, and has to follow a system of eating and workout to stay in proper shape, this was a huge surprise. Previously, I believed that tons of people dream of losing weight; now I know this is not true. Most women just want nice shapes.

Fourthly, I understood how fast we people get used to everything. At the beginning of the Weight Gain part of the Marathon, I thought it will be difficult to change my lifestyle and eating habits for weight gain, and honestly, I had to struggle for a week or two, making myself eating properly and more often. But by the end of Week 3 I guess, I was totally comfortable with all the regime and wanting more of it. So, the bottom line is stop whining about changing your routines for weight gain or weight loss. Believe me, you will get used to everything faster than you think. We people adapt to anything.

gain weightAll those six weeks I looked at myself in the mirror and recalled the avocado mantra “I’m fat, but I’m good fat”, lol. This was the second time in history when I am fat and liking myself in this condition.

There are some drawbacks, of course. I really feel heavier now – gaining more than 5 kgs is not a joke at all. It is a bit harder for me to walk fast and do some activities I used to do easy before. Also, and don’t laugh now, I have difficulties bending to the side or back because of these huge fat rolls I have on my belly and sides. It even hurts a little when I bend. So yeah, totally will lose weight. Even knowing I will lose breasts again.

Also, I don’t fit into most of my clothes now and almost don’t fit into my underwear. So, two days of rest in a neutral regime, and then six weeks of Weight Loss.


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